Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lenten Season - Day 16

BEADS OF JOY 3-10-12 “Distractions of Inside Joy”
©2012 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

Lenten Season – Day 16
My Friends,

Today we'll take a break from our bible study and reflection; and we'll take a fun look at some leisurely activities that I have in my life, for spending the other 5% of my time. LOL. Well at least I can say that I most likely spend 95% of my time in "bible study / prayer mode" including prayer and research and ministry time. Maybe that's over the top. Fr. Mullally use to always tell me to have some other interest in my life. But I will say that I am so thrilled and excited and filled with so much joy every single day, that I spend so much time with my Lord, that I can't help it. Maybe I should have been a priest. I don't know, either way I would have been engulfed in this one way or another, once I got to know Jesus. I find that I gain so much emotionally and intellectually, and all that emptiness of loneliness we all get now and then, I will say for the most part I don't get at all. If Jesus was to be ripped from my life, taken away from of me, and I had to live a worldly life focusing on my own selfish desires, my heart would never beat ever again. But that's just me talking.

I enjoy leisure, I guess that's hard to believe, but I do. My favorite of all is writing, yes I do write a lot spiritually; but I also write a lot of short stories (mostly fiction) and I have a couple of books that I am writing that are in motion. I am a sci-fi writer kind of guy, not like the Star-Trek deep in space kind (though Star Trek the Original is my favorite); more like the real science facts with a twist of "ah that might be true" added to it. I believe it is so important that once in a while we spend time doing anything to relax our minds, and enjoy the splendor of all of God has given us. Even the disciples fished, I'm willing to guess that they not only had fishing businesses, but I would say they enjoyed it even more than just that. Growing up I use to go fishing with my Grand-father, my mom's dad, he passed away last year. He loved fishing, he always said to me, it was challenging to trick the fish, and then it was fun reeling them in. He found much leisure and enjoyment in spending time at Great Kills Beach and Sandy Hook, or the "Hook" as he would call it. I think there is a certain blessing we gain by breaking our time up a bit, so we can smile, laugh and look into the night sky and wonder at all the billions of planets that so eloquently stay positioned so perfectly in the heavens. And in that; Thank God for all these blessings.

Something else I find much leisure in, is music. Many of you see that in all the music I post. Music is so blessed to listen to, sing along with and to relax to. I have some serious religious music I really enjoy, but beyond that I also like all genres of music (rock, pop, rap, country, oldies, jazz, classical, etc), I like to learn the lyrics and then sing as best as I can with the artist to see how well I do. LOL. I can only image what you all must be thinking, "this guy is a crack-pot". LOL. I'm not going to argue, but I will say if any of you have tried this sub-consciously, you will admit it’s fun, and it burns away any stress you may have. I really enjoy the English language and some songs have some really well thought out witty lyrics. So I find much leisure in enjoying whatever songs catch my ears. And then another enjoyment of mine is working. What did someone say I was even crazier, hey I heard that. LOL. Yes working allows me to provide for my family, I find so much joy and pleasure in that.

Six years ago I started a second career in my life. My first career was being in our family owned auto collision repair business with my dad for almost 20 years. Was this trucking choice thee absolute right choice? I don't know. Was it what God wanted me to do? I really don't know. Maybe because I am a cowboy I was drawn to a "steel horse", my truck. LOL. I don't know, but I will say that this is the only career that I am able to spend hours listening to God's word, praying my rosary with many of you, and speaking directly out loud to God and I can sing for hours to the top of my lungs. Opps did I slip that in. LOL. Any of those choices makes me so happy, and while I am being a professional, driving I get to grow spiritually and the joy that is inside me keeps overflowing day in and day out. My truck cab is God's sanctuary, a safe Godly place for He and I every night for 8-14 hours. I get so excited that I can enjoy this time and I get to do things for my family because of this time. In another blog I will share the joy I had traveling around the entire country in a truck; I have had the opportunity to Pray the Rosary in over 45 states. My prayer life was on fire with excitement; my bible study was endless and constant. I was so filled with Jesus every single day. Just ask Janelle or Al. They were my two closest spiritual buddies for almost a year online. They blessed me so much, a real encouragement in my spiritual walk (drive).

Today's Challenge: Embrace a leisure that makes you feel good. Keep it in your life and Thank God every chance you can for bringing such joy into your heart and life.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS