Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lenten Season - Day 24

BEADS OF JOY 3-20-12 “Joy - Endlessly Overflowing”
©2012 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

Lenten Season – Day 24
My Friends,

This week I am going to pull all of you into my inner circle of JOY. JOY first off is a blessing and without a doubt a gift from God. I know I keep talking about this JOY; I guess it's because I want so much for all of you to really have this JOY alive inside of your own hearts and lives. I get so excited and so thrilled so much with all the JOY I have inside me that I shake my legs at times and many think I have these crazy nervous conditions. But please know that I know they are not nerves, but the overwhelming excitement that is bottled up inside me. That is why I hardly sleep; I have so much energy and excitement from all that Joy. And that's why I get goofy at times, just ask my kids, they say, "dad you are strange, you're always goofy happy". They see me act like a kid so much of the time. It's all because I have this very deep rooted relationship with God our Father and His Son and Our Blessed Mother; and knowing who they are in my life and that one day I will be with them, thrills me to death right now. This life is but a tiny spec of time in the full scope of time when you place eternity into the equation. This is nothing, all we have to do is stay true to God, share Him with everybody, bring as many as we possibly can to know Him, and be loyal to Him and in turn we shall spend all eternity with Him.

That was a powerful first paragraph, I wrote that straight off the cuff, no notes, just a sincere desire to share with you, the JOY I have inside my heart, my life and my soul. I had notes laid out for today's blog, I couldn't even follow them, I am letting the spirit lead right now. When I say that JOY is endlessly overflowing I really mean that. JOY is like an infinite eternity of Happiness all jammed up in the word JOY. Wow, I have no idea what I just typed, hope that made sense. LOL. I promise that within the next four days you will have a much clearer sense of what is going on inside my heart and soul and why I am overflowing with this JOY so much. Just yesterday when I was talking at home with our kids we talked about JOY. They were asking when these difficult times would pass, I told them we need to keep the faith, and all will pass. I then proceeded to tell them about how they to, need to capture the JOY I have, I also told them I know I sometimes strangely express it. LOL. They agreed, and said I do act weird at times.

You see my "weirdness" is just so HAPPY and so JOYFUL, that the worlds as a whole don’t recognize it. So it interprets it as strange, but real true excitement that can't be contained, that can't be held down; that can't be kept to oneself ends up making the person so filled with this JOY seem weird. I personally don't care if I am not understood. But don't prejudge me till you at least, for truths sake, know what the deal with me is. LOL. Back in 1983 my entire world changed when Jesus became the reason for my living. There is no other reason to me that is so exciting. He is the only center, He is the reason for why we are here, He is the one person I would die for. JOY when it is pressed down and transformed by the spirit it makes your spirit so alive that you can't help but be a happy go lucky crazy person. I find that I will be bold in my words, not rude or mean. But I will not be intimidated by anyone seeking to belittle my faith. When I do meet those who are worldly and never intend to love Jesus, my heart is saddened. I don't argue, I listen and I make clear statements about who Jesus is to me, and I pray for them.

Endlessly Overflowing!!How is that even possible? Think of Jesus saying to you, "I have something for you that I want you to keep in your heart, if you'd be willing to embrace me into your life.", and we in turn say "Absolutely Lord, I am willing." And then Jesus turns and gives us the entire universe filled with His love, and He says, "Take all of this and keep it close to your heart, I will be with you always." And we look at it in amazement and say, "Lord, it is so tremendous, so much, however could I possibly embrace, hold and take all of your love into my life?" And He says, "By accepting me into your life all this will be in your heart at all times, and all my love, and all my mercy, and all my joy and happiness will overflow from you, and when it does it will be a direct reflection of me." Now are you beginning to better understand the JOY that is jam packed up inside of me? Tomorrow we will continue these exciting thoughts of JOY.

Today's Challenge: Try being so excited, so thrilled, so ecstatic about Jesus, that your heart can longer contain all of it. So you then express it by telling others about Jesus. It is possible, just keep thinking about Him. Fill your mind and your heart with His love, read His Word and pray.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS