Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lenten Season - Day 32

BEADS OF JOY 3-29-12 “Rosary Beads of Joy”
©2012 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

Lenten Season – Day 32
My Friends,

Wow, now I get the chance to share about one of the most precious parts of my life. I am ever grateful that the kids at St. Patrick's Church who gave me the title "Rosary-Man", that couldn't sum up my life more perfectly than that. Those little beads represent more than a "Hail Mary" or an "Our Father" in my life. Each bead draws us ever so much closer to our Lord. Each bead with His mother's help draws us ever so much closer to our Lord. Are you starting to see a pattern? LOL. These fantastic little beads mean so much to me; not the actual beads (you understand), but the fact that they draw me ever so much closer to my Lord. I always have my Rosary Beads with me. Because I do prayer the Rosary multiple times throughout the day. Way back when I was in business with my dad, I literally did just that, almost like an addict would feed their addiction secretly every chance they got. He and I were in business for almost twenty years. And long before Pope John Paul II added the Luminous Mysteries, I use to pray decades for many scriptures from the Gospels. Celebrating our Lord's mysteries, miracles and parables. I consider my life fully dedicated to the JOY of the Rosary.That's where I get "Gospel Decades" from.

Now many of you know, many of the secrets that give me the overflowing endlessly abundant Joy that I am always talking about. With that said, let it be known that it's these beads that hold the greatest percentage of where it all comes from. "Beads of Joy" are just that to me. If I had to grab onto one thing (possession) and in the end have nothing else, I would make sure I had my rosary beads. I am a very simple person, I still have the very first set of rosary beads my mom got me in 1983, and yes I use them and I encourage my family use them from time to time, when we are at Mass. I also treasure the very first mission rosary beads I ever made in 1989 (those are the ones I use every single day). Those two sets of beads are so precious to me. If you were to see them, you'd think they were a hundred years old from all the wear and tear and all the years they have been around. Yet I cherish them. They represent a twenty nine year journey to Jesus with Mary by my side. There is something about them "Rosary Beads" that sparks a tremendous amount of Joy in my heart and in my soul. I see them as my link to my Lord and His Precious Mother.

So does it appear that I am addicted to the Rosary? I think so, but I think of it in a good way. I am addicted to how wonderfully special it is to chat with Jesus and His Mother every single day. And I think the most special part of the Rosary, is when I get to share the joy of it with others and pray the Rosary with them. My life is fully 100% devoted to spreading the Joy of these fantastic fabulous precious beads and to tell everyone about how beautiful our Lord's mother really is. I shall have on my tombstone, "Beneath this ground the Rosary Man is buried. - Free rosaries available on the left side of the tombstone." LOL.. Ok, maybe a little insane I guess. I really don't care if no one knows my birth name, I am so honored that the kids at my church (St Patrick's - Milford, PA) gave me that name. For all of you who don't know the story. Many years ago we had a Rosary Maker's Guild, and I coordinated all the supplies, and did all the shipping. All that was pretty much done in the sacristy, but because of the popularity of it all we always had friends over the house swapping out supplies and even in the church parking lot. Well the kids always referred to me as "The Rosary Man". I fell in love with that title, so I adopted it way back then, and still from time to time now, hear that. Since we have moved back, just mentioning that title, many of the kids remember me. That is so cool.

My tendencies at times always draw me to the mysteries. Meaning that I look at life through the eyes of a Rosary, hence through the Gospel. Did that make sense? I know it didn't fully, sorry, I just like making up words and phrases. This life we live in is so temporary, and I don't mean that in any other way, than in relations to eternity, all these years here are nothing. So while we are here let's make the most of it and have the most joyous time here. I really wish that you to have the same type of crazy Love Joy that I have over the Rosary. It is the most incredible feeling every single day. Jesus is the center of every single thing I do, in my prayers, my thoughts, my writings, etc. And I find that the Rosary keeps me right on track each and every day. Many a times, I have prayed a decade of, "Jesus, I trust in You." Like I say, I am really into the Rosary and I so much enjoy praying to my Lord with them precious beads. I hope y'all don't think I am weird with all this, but this is who I am. "The Rosary Man." And I encourage you to be “Rosary Women and Rosary Men”…

Today’s Challenge: Share your story, your “Rosary Story”, it with spark JOY in your heart, and you will really enjoy sharing your story and your love of the Rosary with everyone.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS