Sunday, January 2, 2000

Mackauer Auto Body

Here is a flash from the past... my past...

Mackauer's Auto Body, Ltd...
118 Broad Street
Staten Island, NY 10304 
(718) 447-4597

I will add the STORY behind the experience shortly.. Come back to this page often and you will see much added with the back-story of this wonderful part of my life. For the time being, enjoy all the pictures..

My 1968 Olds Delmont

My 1968 Olds Delmont (all original)

(left) That's Eddie Mackauer (right) James Dacey Sr.

I really loved this car. We restored it fully, back to original.

Douglas Brown and his Buick

Dad's 1969 Chevelle Convertible - Fully restored

My Tow Truck... 1977 Chevy 

My 1972 Cadillac Coupe

Dads old shop.. Dacey's Auto Body

My Cadillac.. This was a lot of fun to restore...

Irving Natal, Dad, Douglas Brown

That was one tough looking car..

Thank you for visiting this page.. Many more pictures to come and a lot more history shared with you..

Jim Dacey Jr