Monday, October 17, 1988

POEM - Trust Jesus

Trust Jesus

If your eye be pure
From seen within
There will be sunshine in your soul,
But if your eye
Is clouded up with sin
The love you have will not be bold.

Look at the birds

And the way they trust
Their lives are so complete,
For they toil not
Neither do they spin
And yet there is food for them to eat.

Our heavenly Father
He takes care of them
A value He can not spare,
And you His child
Are worth so much more
For your life He shall take care.

Will worry add
An extra breathe
Or increase your spirit of belief,
Of cause it won't
So keep the faith
For Jesus is your sign of relief.

So worry not
For food or clothes
Your bodies mean so much more,
Trust in the Lord
Have no fear
For in heaven your treasures He shall store.