Friday, January 4, 2008

Beads of Joys - First Issue

"BEADS OF JOY" 01-04-08

The Rosary Man's Bog-azine
©2008 James Dacey, Jr.


Welcome to the first issue of "Beads of Joy". I pray that all of you had a most joyful, blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. Mine was just as I had hoped, I spent it with my loving family. For those of you, who don't know me; let me give you a real quick bio of myself.

To begin with know that this entire ministry on myspace and this blog-azine is all in dedication to Our Lord and His Most Blessed Mother. I do not seek any of the credit, it's the working of the Holy Spirit that works through me to help guide, inspire and continue sharing thee most important part of my life with everyone I can.

I am 43 years old, very happily married these past 21 years, and I am a very proud father of five most awesome incredible kids. Currently we reside in Niagara Falls, NY. I gave my life to Jesus back in 1983, I have my entire story of how it all came about posted in this list of blogs. It was a most incredible journey. Jesus and Our Most Blessed Mother have been the center of my life all these years, a life full of challenges and joys. I have been especially drawn to the rosary devotion, and I have a special love for Our Blessed Mother.

I have personally dedicated my life to especially share the rosary. I also make mission rosaries and send them all around the world. Making rosaries is an everyday part of my life, just as praying my rosary everyday is. I have no hobbies, no time fillers anymore, my life is fully devoted to Our Lord; he fills my heart with a joy that is so incredible, that is so magnificent that it runs chills of His presence up my spine. There is nothing at all in this entire world that fills me with such joy inside my soul than He.


I will now share what to expect ahead in upcoming issues of Beads of Joy. The intent is to have this blog-azine out once a month, but from time to time as the Holy Spirit leads, I will be putting out additional issues; focusing on specific topics or insights or reflections. I pray that this helps further you own personal devotion to Our Most Blessed Lord in your life.

Currently I am working on a series of reflections and prayers for each and every mystery in the rosary. Here are a few highlights of what to expect in coming months for each of the mysteries. Some mysteries have a few thoughts on how one might want to meditate on that particular mystery.

Here are the 20 decades of The Most Holy Rosary.

The Annunciation
"The Humility of Mary"

The Visitation
"The Charity of Mary"

The Birth of Jesus
"Mary's Love for God"
"Mary's Love for Jesus"

The Presentation in the Temple
"Mary's Desire for Purity"
"Mary's Obedience to God"

The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple
"Mary's son has begun His Ministry"

The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan
"Mary's son becomes the Light of the World"

The Wedding at Cana
"Mary Intercedes for those in need"
"The First Miracle Dignifies the Sacrament of Marriage"

The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
"Jesus brings the Gospel to the World"

The Transfiguration
"The Apostles Witness to the Light"

The Institution of the Eucharist
"Take and eat, this is My Body"
"This Cup is the New Covenant in my Blood"
"My Blood Shall be shed for you"

Agony in the Garden
"Mary's Sorrow, Jesus' Joy"

The Scourging at the Pillar
"Jesus is scourged for His love for us"
"Jesus suffers deeply for us"

The Crowning with Thorns
"Jesus Humility before His mockers"

Carrying of the Cross
"Jesus' Patience in their torment"

The Crucifixion
"Jesus teaches us to Love our Enemies"

The Resurrection
"Jesus Defeats Death for us"
"Our Faith is solidified by His Rising from the dead"

The Ascension of Our Lord
"Forty Days of Hope Instilled in His Follows"

The Descent of the Holy Spirit
"The Holy Spirit fills our Lives"

The Assumption of Our Lady
"Jesus takes Our Lady to Heaven"

The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
"Mary is crowned by her Son"

Jesus is so Magnificent

Jesus Christ is my Lord
He is God, who has become man,
He walked the earth and gathered all
And his blessings filled the land.

There is no other there is only him
He is the Lord of Lords a man of splendor,
He has died for us in earthly pain
And in our life He will also become our mentor.

No one cares and loves us so much
For His love has taken away the gates of sorrow,
Jesus loves all of us yesterday and today
And most especially even tomorrow.

We must love him all our lives
Give Him the best of what we treasure inside,
Spare no joy, uncover your love, and give it to him
For the love you have from within do not hide.

Signs of the Times

Our lives are filled with joy and sorrow and so much stuff. We have all of our time consumed by our own selfish desires to possess even more, to never be satisfied with what we have. We say we love the Lord, but can we? We say we honor his name, but do we? He is supposed to be the absolute center of our lives in everything we think, do and say, but is it even possible that we can do that? We say we love our children, yet before they are even born we kill them in the safest of places where our Lord's hand is nurturing them.

The world we live in has evicted our creator and God from the very world He has created. They have made Him the enemy, little do they realize that in His wisdom He will make all things good again, and God will separate the weeds from the wheat. He will make all things new and embrace all those who love Him.

Children in their innocents wish to pledge allegiance to our country honoring the Lord who is the foundation of our freedom. And their parents fight to remove His name, why? I can only wonder what kind of a life one could possibly live not believing in and loving Jesus. For what do they have to hold on to, what do they have their hope in? There lives must be dismal and pointless in that there is no hope when they leave this world. Death is but an end to them.

Do any of us ever wonder what it might be like if Jesus was not inside our hearts and our thoughts each and everyday, and we never included Him in anything? And further think of never speaking to Him ever again on a personal private level in your prayers, seeking comfort from Him, while giving glory to Him.

Let's have an experiment. Just take a moment and ponder these thoughts with me. Take a look at all the possessions and all the money in this entire world and inside the most deepest most precious spot in your heart and soul, only seek to obtain them, all that you can possible carry and even more, because that won't be enough even if you get it all. Now that you have obtained it, hoard it, cover it up and you will never allow anyone else to see it or ever touch it. Do you feel that type of disconnect from Jesus a person like this might have? Now the end is here and death looks you straight in the eye and all you can think about is your stuff and your money, for you have nothing else and no one else to cling to now. You have cast God out and said, "I don't need you Jesus, I am perfect in all things, I am successful in all I do, I never have for want in all I do, if I am troubled I will call on you, but not now in my worldly joys, and worldly wealth."

Ok, let's now snap back into reality, Jesus is indeed a huge part of who we are, and what we think and what we are truly seeking. Wasn't that last paragraph just a bit scary, didn't our hearts feel empty and lost and all alone not having our Lord be there with us? And how about the clutter of all those possessions; all that junk and the coldest of hearts never wishing to share the blessings our Lord has bestowed upon your life. Where is the trust, where is the love.

Pride is the chief driving force behind that entire experience. There are so many people in this world that live solely focused on their own selfish pride, and they have little if not any concerns for any one else. I pray that our dear Lord touches their hearts, all we can do is pray for them and hope that at some point in their lives that they begin to really understand what is most important in life, and that now is the time to make those changes.

Our Lives

Our lives need not be phony
They need to be only honoring Him,
Our lives need not be perfect
Seek forgiveness ask pardon for our sins.

Our lives should be simple
Don't clutter it up with so much junk and pride,
Our lives should be filled with His love
Know that nothing else comes with us when we die.

Our lives are not ours to possess
We must give it all to Him with all we got,
Our lives should only be filled with Him
We should always say we can, and never say we can not.

Our lives need be filled with adoration
Love and kindness need only fill our soul,
Our lives need always do His will
At every stage in life, young and old.

The Families of Charity

I wish to share something that is near and dear to my heart. My heart pours out tears to the challenges, and the sorrows; and the disappointments that the families in the world face every single day. I personally know what it feels like to be without, to suffer the pain of not being able to do for my children the way they need and the way they deserve, and to cry and beg for food. Life is such a joy, and a family is such a reward for that joy, what a pity it is to suffer so much when as a parent all you do is give of yourself for your children.

I desire greatly in my heart to find a way to have aid come to such families. I pray that the Lord guides all those hearts that can help and that can we need to start serving such families. I know that it will be through the Holy Spirit that our hearts will be touched and directed in the direction our Blessed Lord so desires this to be. I desire no recognition or credit for any of this, it is all goes to Jesus; it is He who desires us to love one another. Is it not He who says, "Love your neighbor as yourself" Luke 10:27.

We must help one another, even if it is at the cost of doing without. The Lord shall provide everything we need. We must trust in Him and adore and love Him with all our heart. Once we completely surrender to Our Lord, He will indeed guide our hearts with the help of the Holy Spirit. I wanted to share this so much, this has burdened my heart for years now. My families' poverty and suffering are a testimony that our Lord has put this as a burden on my heart. It is something that needs to be addressed.

I ask for your prayers and understanding to the cause, but I also ask that you give Jesus all the credit to wherever if ever this goes anywhere. It is He who burns in my heart and keeps this burden of other families on my thoughts. And it will be only He who that can make for some sort of a solution to begin helping such families.

This will conclude our first issue.
God Bless All of You

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jimmy (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO