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Marian Feast Days of January

BEADS OF JOY 01-01-14
“Marian Feast Days of January”
©2014 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

Marian Feast Days of January
My Friends,

I pray that 2014 is as blessed and joyful as 2013 was for everyone. Yes we all had our share of challenges; there’s no doubt there is a lot of truth held in that thought. It was just in February of 2013 that Chrissy’s oncologist said that Chrissy has 6 months to a year left to live. Telling me, “Mr. Dacey your wife will die from this cancer.”  We are ever grateful for so many years of prayers answered. God has indeed been most merciful and most generous in His healing of my precious love. I can’t begin to express the many nights of driving that I was screaming and crying and yelling to my Lord in my prayers during our Rosary; begging Him to take me in her place…
The Rosary has played a most significant role in Chrissy’s healing.  A true Marian Miracle indeed. For the past 4 years every single day the Rosary has been prayed for Chrissy; either by me or in combination of many others from around the world with me for her. When we Pray The Rosary –Monday through Friday with “Our Lady’s Text Rosary Vigil” I personally have been offering every evenings Rosary for her healing. I know many others who have told me the same. We are ever grateful for the many prayers and offerings that so many of you have personally made for Chrissy’s healing. God has most certainly blessed us with some incredible sisters and brothers to Pray The Rosary with…

1. Circumcision of Our Lord; Mary, Mother of God
2. Our Lady of the Pillar (40 A.D.) This is a most special Tradition Celebration. Seven years after our Lord’s death, the brother of the Apostle St. James the elder was sitting at the bank of the Ebro River. On our maps of today, that would be in Zaragoza, Spain. The Blessed Virgin appeared to James assuring him that the people of Hispania would indeed become Christians. It was here that the first Marian Shrine would be built, to remember the visit by our Lady and the promise she shared. ~Jim Dacey Jr OFS
Our Lady of The Pillar
3. Our Lady of Sichem, Belgium (474)
4. Our Lady of Treves, Italy (746). Appeared to St. Jerome Emiliani, 1530
5. Our Lady of Abundance or Prosperity, Cursi, Italy (1641). Through fervent prayer to the Blessed Mother, the people of Cursi were asking her to come to their aid to help save them from famine. Our Lady heard their plea and in doing so appeared to a shepherd –Baglio Orlando Natali. Baglio was to become to true follower serving in the new church they would build. So Baglio changed his life and his ways and a miracle of harvest did come that year, with an abundance that that area has never seen before. ~Jim Dacey Jr OFS
6. Our Lady of Cana (John 2:1-11) Indeed Our Lady’s first intercessory prayer. Mary’s interest was of mercy for this couple. As the Mother of Mercy she does all she can to direct our needs to her Son on our behalf. At this most blessed ceremony and sacrament Our Lord is directed to us by Our Lady. Every present in our Marriage Our Lady and Our Lord shall remain. ~Jim Dacey Jr OFS
7. Our Lady of Zeitoun, Egypt (1968-70) A must see video explaining this most incredible appearance of Our Lady.
8. Our Lady of Prompt Succor, New Orleans, Louisiana (1809)
9. Our Lady of Clemency, or Our Lady of Mercy of Absam, near Innsbruck, Austria (1797)
10. Our Lady of Guides, Manila, (1570)
11. Our Lady of Bessiere, Limousin, France
12. Our Lady of Conquest, Santa Fe, New Mexico
13. Our Lady of Victory, Prague, Czechoslovakia (1620), home of the Infant of Prague
Our Lady of Victory - Home of the Infant of Prague
14. Our Lady of the Word, Montserrat, Spain (1514)
15. Our Lady of Banneux, Belgium (1933)
16. Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners –A prayer from St. Alphonsus Liguori “O most holy and pure Virgin! O my Mother! You who are the Mother of my Lord, the Queen of the world, the advocate and refuge of sinners! I, a most wretched sinner, now come to you. I honor you, great Queen, and give you humble thanks for the many favors which have come to me in the past through your intercession. I love you, Lady most worthy of all love, and by the love which I bear you, I promise ever in the future to honor you, and to do what lies in me to win others to your love. Receive me as your servant, and cover me with the mantle of your protection, you who are the Mother of mercy! And since you have so much power with God, implore him to deliver me from all temptations, and to give me the grace ever to overcome them. Pray for me that I may love Christ in this world as you love him, and intercede for me that I may have the grace of a good death. O my Mother! by your love for God I beseech you to be at all times my helper, but above all at the last moment of my life. Cease not your supplications until you see me safe in heaven, there for countless ages to bless you and, your holy company, to worship and adore your Son, for ever and ever. Amen“
Our Lady -Refuge of Sinners
17. Our Lady of Pontmain, France (1871)
18. Our Lady of Dijon, France (1513)
19. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple (The 5th Joyful Mystery) “Are you a parent, a guardian, a teacher, a caretaker… Have you ever “lost” track of where your child is? Did you ever turn to look in one place or another expecting to see your child and much to your grief –a chill rolls down your spine and you realize that you DON’T know where your child is… Can you relate to that kind of grief? Now image the JOY when you do find your child. In this mystery let us rejoice in the JOY we have when we FIND JESUS !!!! <3 “ ~Rosary Man Jim
20. Our Lady of the Tables, Montpellier, France. “Arms of the city of Montpellier.”
21. Our Lady of Exile
22. Our Lady of Bethlehem
23. Feast of Our Lady’s Espousals, approved by Pope Paul III (1546)
24. Our Lady of Peace (1917)
25. Translation of the winding sheet & tomb of Our Lady to Constantinople (455)
26. Our Lady of Long Fields/Our Lady of Atocha, Madrid, Spain (1261)
27. Our Lady of Life, Provence, France.
28. Our Lady of Good Succor, (1613)
29. Our Lady of Chatillion sur Seine, France (1130)
30. Our Lady of the Rose, Lucca, Italy
31. Apparition of Our Lady to Bl. Angela de Foligno (1285)

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