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Our Lady's Rosary Text Vigil (update)

BEADS OF JOY 12-25-14 
“Our Lady’s Rosary Text Vigil Group”
©2014 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

“Our Lady’s Rosary Text Vigil Group”
NEWLY REVISED (…and growing)
And full of Life !!!!

My Friends,

Our group has been revamped and full circle back to our original hour. So the time that we unite and Pray The Rosary together is 9:00pm EST. I figured I’d write this update trying to have all your questions and thoughts you might like answered. I hope this is helpful.

Many have asked and many have inquired. I did have another blog when I was on the road at night driving. So today I have put together a blog fully explaining this wonderful group we have in its current position. Our hope, our intention is to continue growing in unity; so that more and more of us can unite and pray together each evening Monday through Friday. What I have listed below is a bunch of question, some have asked of me and others fill the gaps of explanation. I hope this very helpful and I hope that you to consider joining with us each evening.

Monday – Friday at 9:00 PM EST.

Started in the Spring of 2009
Founded by: Jim Dacey Jr & Jan Martinez

How did Our Lady’s Rosary Text Vigil Group begin?
Jan Martinez and I have been friends for a very long time. Back in 2009 her husband Dan had to go away for training for his job. So Jan called me and asked if could chat with her to help pass the time each night; Jan don’t like being home alone. I agreed and we did that for a couple nights. Then I thought, “Hey why don’t we Pray The Rosary together during this time each night?” Jan was thrilled with the idea and so we began to do just that. Then when Dan returned home, I told Jan, “I will text you when I am about to begin my Rosary, just text me back if you can begin to, if not text me what time is best.” And so began our text group…

How did others learn of this and wish to join?
The days following our Rosary, Jan and I would speak of our intentions and what happened during that time of prayer. Eventually others started reading this saying, “Hey, I didn’t see a Rosary posted last night, what are you guys talking about? How can I be part of that?” And so little by little we have grown in devout individuals interested in praying with us in this most unique (fun) intriguing way.

What is it we do?
Monday through Friday night we pray the 9pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) Rosary.

How do we communicate?
I Jim (Rosary Man) Dacey Jr. personally text our members a reminder at 8:30 in preparation for our 9pm start time. Some reply, but replying isn't necessary.

What is the message I text?
“ROSARY TIME: As a member of (Our Lady’s Rosary Text Vigil Group) I personally invite you to PRAY THE ROSARY with us at 9pm EST. God Bless +JMJ+”

Do you send this text to any other place?
Yes 2 places. 1 goes to our Facebook group in the private message area, because those in that part of group, either don’t have a cell phone to receive a text or they are outside the US. I found out recently that my phone can text internationally as long as I get texted by you first. And the second place I post a similar invitation is on my Facebook Ministry wall.  OPEN INVITATION to all…

What is the message I send to the Ministry Wall?
>> Our Lady’s Rosary Text Vigil Group <<
Please join us when we Pray The Rosary together at 9pm EST. If you’d like to receive a personal invitation text each day (Mon-Fri) from me… text me (full name – city, state, country-Rosary) –from anywhere for personal texts from Me (570) 618-3635. (International Code: 001) I send out an invitation just prior to our beginning at 10am and then a Thank You text when we are done. Please consider joining us.

What online or internet links do you recommend?

What kind of communication occurs between everyone?
Sometimes I (Jim Dacey Jr) receive a prayer request text. Sometimes I will post them requests on our online post that I also post with all the texts I send out.

How do I end the Rosary session?
I send out a Thank you text.

What does that text say?
“THANK YOU for joining us, it’s always so wonderful when we get to Pray The Rosary especially as unique as this. Have a Blessed evening and God Bless you.”

Who can join with us?
Everyone of cause...

Where are you (Jim Dacey Jr) when you do all this?
Me… I am home Praying The Rosary with you.

Learn all about me read; MY STORY

How do I join?
Email me:, or text me

Who are our the Ambassadors of The Rosary in
“Our Lady’s Rosary Text Vigil Group?

1. Jan Martinez (Hialeah, Florida –USA)
2. Jim Dacey Jr OFS (Milford, Pennsylvania –USA)
3. Tess Valino Travis (Colorado Springs, Colorado –USA)
4. Carmela Mitchell Edwards (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania –USA)
5. Cecilia Ruloph Savage (Sedalina, Missouri –USA)
6. Derek Kloss (Highland, Illinois –USA)
7. Chris Tasset Schrempp (Topeka, Kansas –USA)
8. Donna Stacy (New Braunfels, Texas –USA)
9. Doreen Duquetts (Manchester, New Hampshire –USA)
10. Marie Dacey (Staten Island, New York –USA)
11. James Lee Hawes (Oakland, Iowa –USA)
12. Jason Spink (Butler, Pennsylvania –USA)
13. Joseph Mortone Jr. (Las Vegas, Nevada –USA)
14. Michael Ruffino (Pleasant Hill, California –USA)
15. Kathy-Baja Permicano (Detroit, Michigan –USA)
16. Mary Momet OFS (Buffalo, New York – USA)
17. Joanne Hendzel Greeson (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – USA)
18. Lorraine (Perla) Sorrentini (Lancaster, Pennsylvania – USA)
19. Laura Elder (Clarksville, Arkansas – USA)
20. Agnes Riche Reynolds (Shreveport, Louisiana – USA)
21. Barbara Lynch (Columbia, Missouri –USA)
22. Sherri Reyes (Whiting, Indiana –USA)
23. Joan Giacalone (Staten Island, New York –USA)
24. Dave Engard OFS (Norristown, Pennsylvania –USA)
25. Yolanda Carrera (Houston, Texas –USA)
26. Mary-Cate Branham Bratcher (Greenville, South Carolina –USA)
27. Lisa Knarr Valles (Indianapolis, Indiana –USA)
28. Yvonne Ascencio (Los Angeles, California –USA)
29. Nancy Barone (Chattanooga, Tennessee –USA)
30. Norma Pineda (Denton, Texas –USA)
31. Kathy Burt OFS (Wilson, New York –USA)
32. John Baldino (Milford, Pennsylvania –USA)
33. Audrey Clough Meade (Martinsville, Virginia –USA)
34. Susan Jarvis (Topeka, Kansas –USA)
35. Mary Potmesil (Omaha, Nebraska –USA)
36. Ana Lucinda Mendibles (Tucson, Arizona –USA)
37. Felix Thuva (Kenya, Africa)
38. Marie Tangney (Lynbrook, New York)
39. Kenia A. Dacilla (Bukidnon, Philippines)
40. Elizabeth McArdle Connolly (Derrylin, Ireland)
41. Otilesoj Alansalon Notnulat (Manila, Philippines)
42. Anyanwu Sixtus Chizitere (Venice, Italy)
43. Violee Michiko Montenegro (---)
44. Love Faith Sanchez (Mactan, Lapu-Lapu, Philippines)
45. Rosalie Annette Bourke (Beechworth, Victoria, Australia)
46. Angelica Ruvalcaba Gutierrez (San Ramon, California –USA)
47. Urbano Guinto Jr (Caloocan, Philippines)
48. Janet Manlongat Olaer-Papa (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
49. Maryann Kisiel (Baltimore, Maryland –USA)
50. Jane Mcguire (Bunkie, Louisiana -USA)
51. Hernandez Linda (New York, New York -USA)
52. Omwalimu Erick Gichana Nyambane (Kisii, Kenya)
53. DebraLyn Clemena Melo (Ammam, Jordan)
54. Serah Lemaiya (Mombasa, Kenya)
55. Patricia Ahaneka Akpaka (Amaigbo, Nigeria)
56. Vero Mwelu (Nairobi, Kenya)
57. Salome Ngigi (Kassarani, Nairobi Area, Kenya)
58. Given A. Ncube (Sunnyside Bulawaya, Zimbabwe)
59. Linda Hilt (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -USA)
60. Pavan Teja (Visakhapatnam, India)
61. Joann Marotta Nellis (Staten Island, New York -USA)
62. Frances Bouska (Shawnee, Oklahoma -USA)
63. Bonnie Minor (Beaumont, Texas -USA)
64. Grisel Docampo (Miami, Florida -USA)
65. Chris Cairns (Markham, Ontario, Canada)
66. Michelle Scherer (New York, New York -USA)
67. Inés Santos (North Brunswick, New Jersey -USA)
68. Obi Jerome (Lagos, Nigeria)
69. Cher Ciampa (Saugus, Massachusetts -USA)
70. Dan Dellamarine (Marlton, New Jersey - USA)
71. Elizabeth Collins (Charlotte, North Carolina - USA)
72. Rose Black (Washington, DC - USA)
73. Jonathan Wakefield (Malmesbury, Witshire - UK)
74. Margie Sindelar (Columbus, Ohio - USA)
75. Evans Cardinal Tulasi (Accra, Ghana, Africa)
76. Udeogu Obianuju (Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria)
77. Domenic Multari (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)
78. Granny Rene Dulaney (Bossier City, Louisiana –USA)
79. Catherine A. (Birmingham, Alabama – USA)
80. Filipinas del Rosario (Brooklyn, New York – USA)
81. Christopher McLaughlin (Yuma, Arizona – USA)
82. Loretta Beaver (Linesville, Pennsylvania – USA)
83. Linda Sloan (Topeka, Kansas – USA)
84. Teodora Remoroza (Nova Scotia, Canada)
85. Claudia Ndunge (Kenya, Nairobi)
86. Harriet Cuddy (Springfield, Missouri – USA)
87. Vroni Garcia (Colorado Springs, Colorado – USA)
88. Rica Olson (Los Angeles, California – USA)
89. George Edward Smith (Cupertino, California –USA)
90. Wesley Tinotenda Makoto (Zimbabwe, Africa)
91. Linda Van De Bur (Racine, Wisconsin – USA)
92. Connie T. (Washington, DC – USA)
93. Edith Dela Cruz-Lopez (Calamba, Laguna, Philippines)
94. Maphoka Ramot’so (Meseru, Lesotho, Africa)
95. Caroline Gould (Milwaukee, Wisconsin – USA)
96. Marian Paskash OFS (Valparaiso, Indiana – USA)
97. Carolina R. Valdez (Portland, Oregon – USA)
98. Chris Haukom (Fredericksburg, Virginia – USA)
99. Maureen Manzano (Milford, Pennsylvania – USA)
100. Ann A. OFS (Lockport, New York – USA)
101. Jim Albright (Grand Rapids, Michigan – USA)
102. Colm McMenamy (Dubin, Ireland)
103. Gregory Will (Baton Rouge, Louisiana – USA)
104. Mary Sutton (Dungannon, North Ireland)
105. Nnaemeka Mbachu (Enugu, Nigeria)
106. Flor Arquisola (Los Angeles, California – USA)
107. Ray Housworth (Marshfield, Wisconsin – USA)
108. Haruna Jarju (Gambia, West Africa)
109. Virgina Isaac (Kabit Kitui, Kenya)
110. Imelda Santos (Los Angeles, California –USA)
111. Maria Vargas (Los Angeles, California – USA)
112. Jerry Mar Vidad (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
113. Sondra McDermott (Gardner, Kansas –USA)
114. Andrew Will (Atlanta, Georgia – USA)
115. John Will (Baton Rouge, Louisiana – USA)
116. Deborah Ketcham (Galion, Ohio – USA)
117. Paul Manzella (Atlanta, Georgia – USA)
118. Domininkas Mockus (Seattle, Washington – USA)
119. Maria Martinez-Rodriguez (Charlotte, North Carolina – USA)
120. Edward Robinson (Greensboro, North Carolina – USA)
121. Christine Marie Allen (Portland, Maine – USA)
122. Carmencita Fiesta (Silver Springs, Maryland – USA)
123. Mike Gebert (Brooklyn, New York – USA)
124. Jan Michalik (Green Bay, Wisconsin – USA)
125. Shirley Radovich Ozark (Springfield, Missouri – USA)
126. Gitthaline Candre Mulligan Gagne (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – USA)
127. Jan McCreary Shadis (Stapleton, Alabama – USA)
128. Sylvia Maciel (Houston, Texas – USA)
129. Jose M. Arvisu (Cavite, Philippines)
130. Jina Seip (Merritt Island, Florida – USA)
131. Nzeli Nsa (Jos, Nigeria)
132. Sylvia Maciel (Houston, Texas – USA)
133. Karen Songe (Houma, Louisiana – USA)

Come PRAY THE ROSARY with us every evening Monday through Friday 9pm EST with our 
"Our Lady's Rosary Text Vigil Group"

Invitations posted daily… and throughout the evening…
Your brother in Christ Jesus
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS

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