Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seventy Times Seven

Beads of Joy 08-11-11

Seventy Times Seven
©2011 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everybody,

Now if you think yesterday’s reflection was hard, then prepare yourself for today’s, this is a very difficult teaching to reflect upon, and I will be the first to admit it. It’s one thing reflecting on something in the third person; it’s totally another thing when it’s going on “live” in your own life. Today our Lord teaches us a parable that should open our eyes when it comes to forgiveness. Let us look at Matthew 18:21-19:1 (The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant). This parable is true mastery to me, absolute genius in how this story is told; but then God is the author, enough said. It is God alone who forgives man for offending God; but it must be our job person to person to forgive one another when we hurt or offend each other. Not always an easy task, but an essential part of who we are in Christ. Our objective in any indifference must be to end the quarrel, stop the bitterness, and heal all wounds. I have to say that in my 28 years of living my life for my Lord, and sharing the Rosary with everyone; this teaching at this point of my life is hard to implement in regards to one situation that burns in my heart every day. How can I be more like Jesus? I ask myself, every time I am dealing with the hurt and pain inflicted by another’s selfishness.

Judgment upon our own sins is no doubt a brick wall for those of us who don’t also forgive others. How can we expect to be forgiven by God, unless we ourselves forgive others? A double edged sword indeed at times. Where then can the line be drawn, as to what you can easily forgive and what you can never forgive? Unfortunately for those of us who wish to hear that there is such a division in forgiveness, sorry, there isn’t. God sees all things offensive to be forgiven, even the death of His Son. And you know, it is our sins that crucified Him, we did that. And we have to ask Him to forgive us. I guess since that sin isn’t directly attached to us, our hands, our fingers, or in our lives, maybe it’s easier to ask for forgiveness. It seems that when the forgiveness has to do with your own heart being stabbed and teared about by another, it isn’t so easy. When someone else has your blood on their hands, how do you reconcile that? It’s so much more personal, so much more direct; ok, it’s just down right impossible to get through it. But through God, all things are possible.

For starters we must first trust in Him, that in His wisdom, He will guide us through this horrific storm of pain and suffering. That alone is a huge first step, and it may take time, lots of prayers and depths of humility that you may never knew existed in you. I don’t have a quick fix method; I don’t know all the answers, I only know that we have a loving God, who does know our heart. In today’s gospel the King (God) forgave the servant whose debt was enormous, and had to be paid. This servant (us) begged for mercy, and he got it. His debt (our sin) was forgiven in full. How then can that servant go out and demand payment from another. Why is his heart so hard? The love and mercy God gives us, should fill our hearts with so much Joy and Gratitude; that to forgive another is easy for us to do. I will say that I have come very far down that road of forgiveness, but I can’t say, I’d ever be their “bff”, that’s not possible. Nor will I ever be able to share bread. For now I can’t, but who knows maybe one day I will, but amidst the carnage of it all, it is very difficult for me, simply one day at a time right now, is enough. But I have been able to forgive them, and that took a lot of prayer to get to. I have to say getting through the forgiveness stages and the hatred stages for being so hurt and offended by their actions, took time, patience and a tremendous of prayer. Our debt to God for our sin that murdered Jesus on that cross can’t be compared to anything someone does to us. We can never pay Him back for what we have done. But with that said, He still lovingly forgives us, over and over for our selfishness and sins. That alone should help get into perspective; how we can forgive another. I sure hope this has been helpful.

Jesus, I trust in You.”

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr. SFO

Today we pray the Luminous Mysteries

1. Baptism of Jesus
2. Wedding at Cana
3. Proclamation of the Kingdom
4. The Transfiguration
5. Institution of the Holy Eucharist