Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Abundant Life

BEADS OF JOY 8-12-12 “The Abundant Life”
©2012 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,
Today’s gospel is a most Joyous message, today we read John 6:41-51 (Jesus Speaks of The Bread of Life). Who is this man? They looked at Jesus as the son of Mary and Joseph; the only parents the crowd knew were Jesus’ parents. How incomprehensible this must have been for those who thought they knew who Jesus was. Scripture tells us who Jesus is, who His parents are, and why He is here. Back in Jesus’ time they only had the Old Testament and few understood the scriptures that predicted and knew about Jesus’ coming, everyone else had to seriously have strong faith. The New Testament that tells us how everything was, is what they were living for us at that precise moment, to learn from. Let us be thankful how detailed in its simplicity the New Testament kept so much for us to learn by; God knew we’d need and desire an account for the very life of His Son.
The Bread of Life” What is this? Can this be a person? We must know that it is only through our relationship with God Himself that we will be able to attain this incredible life. Our acceptance of Jesus is our acceptance of Life Eternal. Our ears must be open with a desire to only want more. Let us keep our eyes and ears fully focused on Jesus; do not allow the interference of the noise of the world we are in, to distort what our heart knows and our Spirit urns for. God’s word is just that “God’s Word”. The Spirit within us desires only to learn, and to grow; so that we can be “transformed” to better understand this most Joyous gift of the abundant life.  This is why death, even death upon a cross could not kill Jesus. Jesus is the one true Bread of Life. We know that our Blessed Mother speaks to us about her Son’s love for us; with that said, we know that Jesus speaks to us about His Father’s love for us.
Do you accept Jesus into your life? Do you accept Him as the one true Bread of Life? Why would you doubt His Word? God sent His Son Jesus to us, to save us, to tell us of the love His Father has for us. God gave His most precious Son to save the world; knowing well that He must die in order to save us. This world has no clue what it is missing out on when it rejects Jesus. Our worldly life has no desire for Spiritual Nourishment. This world only seeks for itself to be satisfied; and to be fulfilled with its lust (untamed sexual desires) and greed (hunger for money) and love of earthly things (possession of lots of stuff). We must only seek and only desire that one true bread of life that God freely gives us. That is all we need in this life… for in that, we prepare ourselves for the world to come. Lust, greed and possession do only one thing to God’s children; they bury us alive into the depths of this world and they keep us far from Jesus, which in turn keeps us eternally away from God. And that is something we don’t want.
Jesus, I Trust in You.”

Your Brother in Christ Jesus and His Most Precious Mother Mary,
Jimmy (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS