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Poverty 2015

BEADS OF JOY 05-03-15
“Poverty 2015”
©2015 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,

Please don’t misunderstand when I speak of some of the different aspects of poverty that I do know first-hand; and yes I am well aware that there are certain kinds of poverty I just don’t know. While I understand “hunger” -I do not understand “starvation”. While I understand that I am unable to “pay our utility bills” and we get late fees and shut-offs; I haven’t a clue what it means to be “homeless”. The POVERTY I will be reflecting upon today is the poverty that we have lived; and that so many of you have shared with me also live. It’s a different kind of poverty of our day.

How did we get here America? Was it caused by our selfish, greedy, wealthy government officials (multi-millionaire public servants)? Maybe? Was it caused by a low hourly pay rate, no one can possibly live on? Maybe? Was it caused by the overall greed and lack of charity of so many who watch close friends and family struggle? Maybe? Was it caused by the rising cost of food and medical expenses and the increase of illness and disease? Maybe?

But then maybe it was caused by a sad combination of all of these things that has taken its toll on what use to be middle class. We are no more middle of anything, we have been dissolved in this new era of survival. The America I grew up in, is no more, it is gone. What the future holds for the poor can be bad, we are the burden to society. And with the philosophy of today’s world, burdens and unwanted things get discarded. Yes these are my views. I do not live by any political agenda, just a common sense view of what I see and what I have lived.

Are you facing issues with food?
Food is the never ending battle for most families that are struggling today. Food prices continue to rise and food quality assistance continues to decrease. And then once you add children to the mix of food challenges; these challenges tear your heart to pieces when you can’t even keep food on the table. Many of you have shared this particular challenge with me. This is one of the hardest experiences families face today. I have been told about so many sad stories though the years in ministry.

How many of you like us resort to constantly (when you can) eat pasta or cheap frozen pizza, or those wonderful $1.00 microwave “meal things” or the .37¢ cup a soup. Then of cause we hear from those wonderful wealthier friends and family with zero experience in poverty or food challenges in anyway tell us, “You should be feeding your kids healthier food, healthier meals.” I hear this all the time… I say, “Really, and how do you suppose I do that, pull it out of the sky, we can’t afford to buy any real quantity of healthier foods, it gets too expensive????” Unfortunately some do not understand the ruthlessness of poverty or hunger; and while all this is going on, trying to provide 3 meals a day, 7 times a week, every single month, month after month -you are trying to pay your bills so you have a roof over your families head. This is the real poverty challenge so many families are facing today.


Are your issues paying bills?
This is where the rubber meets the road. Yes I know there are programs. Some are realistic, some are stupid in their supposed design to help; when they know you are poor. Case and point, we feel behind in our electric bills (lived in an electric house). Well I called and asked to please help us, we are broke, my wife has cancer and my income is a joke... Here’s what they did… Told me I only have to pay each month’s current bill and they will finance the balance and add a minimal payment to my monthly bill… stay with me… The average monthly bill was like $150+ the monthly charge to pay past due was $80… so after all that my bill was still too high to pay???? And that’s just the electric bill example... It’s that way with most utility companies… The poor just keep getting poorer… A vicious cycle…

Are your issues transportation? Car Maintenance? Insurance?
Issues never end when we are poor… if you don’t have a car because you can’t afford to have one, then your stress must be at levels I can’t even imagine. But like us “poor” with vehicles, they too become headaches for maintenance, fuel, insurance, everything. This aspect of poverty is horrible. We live in an area where there are no buses, no trains, only taxis…

I know that sounds like, “WOW, that’s your solution.”… Ok along with that focus on downsizing your lifestyle to a comfortable (only what you need level). Make your life (low maintenance) it will also help in freeing up your mind and clearing so much of your thoughts, you’d be surprised, try it out. Even if you simply start by getting rid of 5 things a week…  Then try to turn to family and friends who want to help. Yes many will run away (you’d think it was a marathon, all you’ll see is dust), many will not answer your cries for help and they will avoid you and many (so many) will go silent… This will happen I tell you this so you are not shocked as to how cold it really gets; you will think you were trying to sell them Amway, the way everyone seems to totally disappear. LOL and yes do all you can to keep humor in your life. Try to laugh every day. Even if you must force yourself and have to watch some cat video on YouTube… anything to exercise your smile muscles is a plus.

Final Suggestion – to battle poverty…
Pray The Rosary every single day…
Join others (our groups) hint hint…


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Your brother in Christ Jesus 
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS

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