Sunday, November 27, 2011

1st Sun. of Advent - Be Watchful!

Beads of Joy 11-27-11

1st Sunday in Advent – Be Watchful!!
©2011 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everybody,

In today’s world many of us really anticipate the Lord’s return. But no matter, we must still remain on watch and be prepared at all times. Regardless of what people claim publicly or say about some calendar of ancient times says; no one knows the hour, or the day when the world shall end, or our Lord shall return. All we should do is earnestly pray for His return, and by all means be prepared at all times. If there is sin in our life, which by the way, we all have sin in our lives; but if there are sins we have challenges with, we really need to pray for the strength, to seriously keep them in check. Constantly whenever possibly, we should go to confess and cleanse our Spirit before God, keeping ourselves as clean as we can, always being ready. Today’s gospel is Mark 31:33-37 (Need For Watchfulness). We must be ready for Jesus’ return at all times. For if in this life, we miss out on the chance to be with Jesus in eternity; then we certainly have missed out horribly.

Seeking our Jesus every day is exciting. I truly find no greater Joy than to spend every day praying, reading and learning all I can about our Lord. I am certainly no angel or saint; I am a sinner unworthy of even His glance. But through His love for us, we have all been made worthy before Him. If there’s one thing I have learned these past 28 years of my faith is this; that our dependency on God must be an everyday thought. For it is when we become so independent, so self-serving that we feel we don’t even need anyone, including God, that we jeopardize our eternity with Him. The world we live in can and will deceive you about that. Just because you have become successful in business or in business deals, or even in something that just uplifts your lifestyle; don’t lose sight of how you got there, and who it is that must be continually praised and thanked for it. God of cause silly, let us not be like many in this world who don’t even believe God exists and they pay no mind to all to the things He has done. One day we will all have to stand before God in judgment of all the things we have said and done; how said for the child of God who stands before Him living a life saying God don’t exist, only to find out He absolutely exists. It is always better to be prepared for something that doesn’t happen; rather than be unprepared for something that does. I always say, and I have been saying this for many years, and many will attest to these words I say, “Plan for the worst, pray for the best.” What that means is, always be on the ready for any and all outcomes.

Our society is very misleading, and I don’t think that it’s actually purposely designed that way; but in its own lack of wisdom, it misleads many into teaching us to look inward rather than to look outward towards God. We must live a life fully depend upon God. We must recognize His presence in all things and we must love Him and be thankful to Him in all that we do. Advent is a season of discernment, and to be fair it isn’t actually a pre-Christmas season, rather it is its own very special liturgical season. Yes we are awaiting the arrival of the Birth of Jesus, but not in the same content. We also have a chance to reflect on the depths of the “Yes” Mary said in response to God’s request. Let us do all we can to make sure we do understand the spiritual nature of this season; and let us try to help guide our children into understanding what this season means, and how the changes they see are a direct part of all that. Enjoy your first Sunday of Advent. May God richly bless you and your always.

Jesus, I trust in You.”

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr. SFO

Today we pray the Glorious Mysteries

1. The Resurrection
2. The Ascension
3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit
4. The Assumption
5. The Coronation