Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Husband's Joyful Rosary

BEADS OF JOY 11-25-12
“A Husband's Joyful Rosary”
©2012 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,
Today, I give to you A Husbands Joyful Rosary: Meditations of the Joyful Mysteries. I love the Rosary so much; I recently dusted off some of my oldest journal notes about multiple Rosary Mediations that I began back in the late 1990’s. I referred to them as “The Career Rosary”, what that means actually is that all our commitments is life revolve around the thoughts and reflections and meditations of the Holy Rosary. Today I will share with you the meditations of a husband spiritual role in The Joyful Mysteries:
1.   The Annunciation: Dear Lord in HUMILITY, I ask that you and our Lady guide my heart in this most Joyful Mystery to be a better more devout, sincere husband. The Annunciation has taught me of the great humility Mary had before God in His request. In this mystery I ask for your blessing that I may continue to stay selfless, always keeping my cutie pie first; I also wish to continue to be very consistent in the small things that she relies so much upon me in (working- keeping my job; helping out at home and with our kids); I also accept her criticism, and admitting to her when I am wrong. Furthermore Lord I shall always accept her apology immediately, never allowing her to feel unforgiving; and I will be generous when I am really right and she is really wrong, never making her feel belittled. I offer all this up to you my Lord. (Our Father who art in Heaven…)
2.   The Visitation: Dear Lord in CHARITY, as we enter into the second Joyful Mystery I ask for you to help me to be an even better husband in Charity, real Charity, the Charity that becomes implanted in my heart loving my precious wife like never before. I know Lord that this Charity means I will never become a judge against my love and that my kindness and understanding grows deeper in my true love for her. I won’t ever take advantage of her weaknesses or shortcomings; and my patience and love will help guide me only to love her with completely unlimited understanding and patience. This Charity I speak of is fully focused on my devout love for You my Lord. Your way is the best way and only way for me to love my precious wife with all my heart. (Our Father who art in Heaven…)
3.   The Birth of Jesus: Dear Lord in SPIRITUAL POVERTY, as I begin this third Joyful Mystery, I continue to ask that You guide my heart to be a better husband. Know Lord, that in my union with my wife, a relationship I place much value upon; even in the most difficult of times, I shall always love her. For she is the woman You have blessed my life with; I will always come to You my Lord for strength, for in You my weakness will be made perfect in the strength You work through me. Nothing in this life will ever draw my attention away from You or her Lord. Nothing in this life will ever distract or derail that which holds the most value to my life. For in possessing nothing, I shall be able to attain all things. (Our Father who art in Heaven…)
4.   The Presentation of Jesus in The Temple: Dear Lord in OBEDIENCE I begin this forth Joyful Mystery, asking that You always continue to draw my heart ever closer to You. My life shall always remain open to God’s Will, this openness will empty my heart of all of its selfishness; asking You alone Lord to guide my heart ever closer to You; while I continue to always direct my precious wife to You. As You Lord were brought to the Temple in obedience to the law, I to shall direct and bring my wife and our family to You Lord, to Your altar, in Your presence. In your abundant love Lord we shall grow completely aware of Your invitation to unite with You in that love. (Our Father who art in Heaven…)
5.   The Finding of Jesus in The Temple: Dear Lord in the Spirit of PIETY I come before you in this fifth Joyful Mystery. In the true Spirit of Piety I shall always desire to do what is pleasing to You Lord. My role as a husband is one that I do take seriously. Yes we have had our share of challenges and obstacles, our life shall always have these things that interfere with our focus and our purpose. Today Lord I promise to continue living a life that is pleasing to You, no habits or addictions shall ever come before You; and in doing so they shall deepen my love for You and for the wife You have blessed my life with. Hand in hand to the altar before You Lord; marriage is a sacred alliance of two souls united as one, to love and honor You alone... Together Lord. (Our Father who art in Heaven…)

Jesus, I Shall Always Trust in You.”

Your Brother in Christ Jesus
and His Most Precious Mother Mary,
Jimmy (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS