Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fully Trusting In Jesus

BEADS OF JOY 02-13-13

“Fully Trusting In Jesus”

©2013 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,

REALLY TRUSTING HIM: Sometimes our lives are put to the test and then other times, every event is a test; and even more than all that; sometimes we are continually tested. Regardless of whatever way you want to say it; we must fully, completely, unquestionable trust in Jesus.

Our lives are brought before so many of you. As you can see we are a real family dealing with what sometimes seem to be extenuating circumstance of misfortune; but we are ok dealing with all of this, yes we really are. I’d much rather know that we are dealing with all this, then to know any of you had to deal with it. Our Lord, really honestly guides our lives. I don’t only just say it all the time, we actually live it. We pray, we believe and we fully trust in Him. It’s really that simple. We must learn how to turn ALL of our troubles; ALL of our challenges; ALL of our misfortunes over to Him, once we do that, we find that there is NOTHING that will tip us over through life. Nothing !!!!

My dear friends know that I extend a hand out to you, all of you that are troubled, misguided and even misled into misfortune; grab my hand, as I help lead you to Jesus. We will be going to the foot of the cross; for it is there that I find the most comfort. It is in Jesus’ worst of times that I find the most strength. When Jesus suffered the most, did He curse out those who killed Him? No!!! Instead He found mercy and love; and He forgave them. We must do all we can in this life to find the love embedded in all things, even in our troubles. Think of this way, the more trials we have, the MORE we tend to turn to Jesus, right… So is that not GOOD? I’d much rather have to keep turning to Him, than be so content in our life that I only turn to Him on Sundays. That my friend; is a blessing throughout all these trials.

So today I tell you this. Grab your rosary beads, get in front of the cross of Jesus, kneel down and pray, and pray and pray and pray and pray… And then every chance you can Thank Jesus for the trials and the pray again, and then pray even some more. Let PRAYER be the single most frequent part of your everyday life; more than eating, more than drinking, more than walking- even more than breathing. The only time you rest from prayer is when you sleep, and even then let us place our heads on our pillow, as we ponder the mysteries, thinking about Him as we close our eyes, and then even more as we open our eyes.

Please know that we really love you guys, we have been so blessed to know so many absolutely wonderful people to pray with. Thank you everyone.. And God Bless You !!!

Jesus, I Trust in You.”

Your Brother in Christ Jesus
and His Most Precious Mother Mary,
Jimmy (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS