Saturday, April 6, 2013

Adoption Day - A Pastor's Prayer

“Adoption Day -
A Pastor’s Prayer Answered”

Biography of Pastor Michael Mwandha

Pastor Michael Mwandha

How does such a Godly man lead his church and community with such strength and ability to always move forward, even in the poorest of poor conditions, never taking from the resources needed to feed others? Pastor Michael told me, "I could go without food for the whole day and the whole week or months eating only one meal a day." Pastor Michael Mwandha is an amazing humble, self-giving man. I proudly share him, as my brother and my dear longtime friend and an inspiration of faith -that I have admired for many years. This ministry, our ministry (Beads of Joy Rosary Ministry) as of today will be adopting Pastor Michael’s Church and community. Wherever you are living -if you have a roof over your head, a refrigerator, a bathroom, running water and people around you that care for you -know that you are very blessed. Pastor Michael’s Church and community don’t know what living like that is even like. Beyond words of understanding, this humble Pastor has led his village with strength and love for Jesus; sharing both faith and education to the 80 orphans they have taken in.

I’d like to introduce you to Pastor Michael Mwandha. He Pastors a church in Jinja, Uganda, Africa. What follows is a short biography of Pastor Michael’s life and ministry:

Pastor Mwandha Michael was born in Jinja, Uganda on October 11, 1967 in the family of Late Patrick and Ruth Mwandha.  Pastor Michael’s life turned into serious suffering; when his father was murdered during Amin’s regime in 1977. Michael grew up as a bush boy orphan looking after goats and cows in his village. He stayed with his grandmother, his dad’s mother.  He was never able to locate his mother; since all assets and land was grabbed and sold by the relatives and brothers of my late father who drove her away. Pastor Michael was also denied the right of education. That was until the regime of Dr. Milton Obote took over in 1981, and then he got the chance to continue with his studies when they offered free education program for orphans.  During that time he experienced serious poverty.

Then in 1989 he united with his mother, but she was sadly very ill, infected with HIV/AIDS she died that very year; but before dying she had shared her Love of Christ with Michael.  Michael gave his life to Jesus in 1984 when he heard from the preacher from Morocco called Abudalah. He stayed at the Church of Uganda. Until he got married to Sarah in 1989; and that very year Michael joined Unity for Christ who led him to a water baptism and on that very day, he got baptism in the power of the Holy Spirit. It was there that he became a youth leader until 1990; at which time he was sent to Namwiwa village to be a local Pastor.

He used to travel a distance of 80 kilometers to go and serve the church.  He use to walk sometimes or the church would send a member to come and pick him up on a bicycle until they bought a bicycle for him. He never had any salary through all that.  In 1994, Pastor Michael was taken back to Jinja where he began to establish Beroya Gospel Fellowship where he became the co-founder of that ministry.  His focus was church planting, training leaders and raising funds to buy land and build up local church structures in remote villages; helping local churches fund themselves to develop and maintain their own church affairs. They do not have international donors, though at one time they were blessed from the brothers and sisters in Christ to help fund a project for one time support.

In 1995, he attended Global Theological Seminary, where he got a degree in Theology in 1999, during that time at seminary he helped start many local churches.  In 2000 Pastor Michael joined SIFAT College where he took courses in community development and appropriate technology, project planning and proposal writing. Aside from all this Pastor Michael began to organize women in the communities of Jinja and empowered them to lead themselves and even learn how to develop their groups in the community.

Today Pastor Michael Mwandha is fully involved in a missionary calling (An Apostolic) and Speaking in Conferences and workshops basically for self-supportive of local churches and ministries in Uganda. Pastor Michael says, “I give glory to God who has made me to be what I am today and many have benefited in my humbleness and obedience to God.”

PLEASE JOIN US as we embrace the Godly works of Pastor Michael in Jinja, Uganda.
Your brother in Christ Jesus
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS