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All The Quotes I Shared

BEADS OF JOY 04-13-13

©2013 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,

Here are ALL the "Quotes"
I posted on Facebook Wall today...
Remember today was "Rosary Quotes Sunday"
Assembled by Jim Dacey Jr OFS – Beads of Joy Rosary Ministry~Milford.PA.USA.

The Rosary & Our Lady

1. “You must know that when you ‘Hail’ Mary, she immediately greets you! Don’t think that she is one of those rude women of whom there are so many—on the contrary, she is utterly courteous and pleasant. If you greet her, she will answer you right away and converse with you!” ~St. Bernardine of Siena
2. “Even if you are on the brink of damnation, even if you have one foot in hell, even if you have sold your soul to the devil as sorcerers do who practice black magic, and even if you are a heretic as obstinate as a devil, sooner or later you will be converted and will amend your life and will save your soul, if—and mark well what I say—if you say the Holy Rosary devoutly every day until death for the purpose of knowing the truth and obtaining contrition and pardon for your sins.” ~St. Louis de Montfort

3. "The Rosary is the best therapy for these distraught, unhappy, fearful, and frustrated souls, precisely because it involves the simultaneous use of three powers: the physical, the vocal, and the spiritual, and in that order." ~Archbishop Fulton Sheen

4. "There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot solve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary." ~Sr. Lucia, of the seers of Fatima

5. “By its nature the recitation of the rosary calls for a quiet rhythm and a lingering pace, helping the individual to meditate on the mysteries of the Lord’s life as grasped by the heart of her who was closer to the Lord than all others” ~Paul VI ~ Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary~

6. “The rosary sets forth the mystery of Christ in the very way in which it is seen by St. Paul in the celebrated ‘hymn’ of the Epistle to the Philippians" ~Pope Paul VI

7. "If you persevere in reciting the Rosary, this will be a most probable sign of your eternal salvation.” ~Blessed Alan de la Roche

8. "One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, Our Lady will save the world.” ~St. Dominic

9. "The Rosary is my favorite prayer. A marvelous prayer! Marvelous in its simplicity and in its depth . . . the simple prayer of the Rosary beats the rhythm of human life.” ~Pope John Paul II

10."Humility is to the various virtues what the chain is in a rosary. Take away the chain, and the beads are scattered; remove humility and all virtues vanish.” ~St. John Vianney

11. "Say the Holy Rosary. Blessed be that monotony of Hail Mary's which purifies the monotony of your sins.” ~Saint Josemaria Escriva >>>MONOTONY is referring to the repetitiveness of the Hail Mary’s as to the repetitiveness of the sins we keep sinning. <<<

12. “Let us always recognize the face of Jesus in those who are suffering; let us also open our hearts to their needs, loving them and praying for them and doing for them; whatever God has led us to do. Never allow our own selfish pride of ‘my stuff’ hold us back from sharing and giving to those our Lord sends before us. What would Jesus do? Is exactly what we must do! Without haste, but rather, as soon as we possibly can …to help them!!!” ~Jim Dacey Jr OFS

13. "You always leave the Rosary for later, and you end up not saying it at all because you are sleepy. If there is no other time, say it in the street without letting anybody notice it. It will, moreover, help you to have presence of God.” ~Saint Josemaria Escriva

14. “Never will anyone who says his Rosary every day be led astray. This is a statement that I would gladly sign with my blood.” ~St. Louis de Montfort

15. “The Holy Rosary is a powerful weapon. Use it with confidence and you'll be amazed at the results.” ~St. Josemaria Escriva

16. “Our Lady has never refused me a grace through the recitation of the rosary.” ~St. Padre Pio

17. “When it is all over you will not regret having suffered; rather you will regret having suffered so little, and suffered that little so badly.” ~St. Sebastian Valfre

18. “You will be consoled according to the greatness of your sorrow and affliction; the greater the suffering, the greater will be the reward.” ~St. Mary Magdalen de'Pazzi

19. “If God sends you many sufferings, it is a sign that He has great plans for you and certainly wants to make you a saint.” ~St. Ignatius Loyola

20. “The road is narrow. He who wishes to travel it more easily must cast off all things and use the cross as his cane. In other words, he must be truly resolved to suffer willingly for the love of God in all things.” ~St. John of the Cross

21. “Blessed be He, Who came into the world for no other purpose than to suffer.” ~St. Teresa of Avila

22. “Suffering is a great favor. Remember that everything soon comes to an end . . . and take courage. Think of how our gain is eternal.” ~St. Teresa of Avila

23. “We should strive to keep our hearts open to the sufferings and wretchedness of other people, and pray continually that God may grant us that spirit of compassion which is truly the spirit of God.” ~St. Vincent de Paul

24. “If you really want to love Jesus, first learn to suffer, because suffering teaches you to love.” ~St. Gemma Galgani

25. “If you seek patience, you will find no better example than the cross. Great patience occurs in two ways: either when one patiently suffers much, or when one suffers things which one is able to avoid and yet does not avoid. Christ endured much on the cross, and did so patiently, because when he suffered he did not threaten; he was led like a sheep to the slaughter and he did not open his mouth.” ~St. Thomas Aquinas

26. “Dear brothers and sisters, I pray God may open your eyes and let you see what hidden treasures he bestows on us in the trials from which the world thinks only to flee. Shame turns into honor when we seek God's glory. Present affliction become the source of heavenly glory. To those who suffer wounds in fighting his battles God opens his arms in loving, tender friendship. That is why he (Christ) tells us that if we want to join him, we shall travel the way he took. It is surely not right that the Son of God should go his way on the path of shame while the sons of men walk the way of worldly honor: "The disciple is not above his teacher, nor the servant greater than his master.” ~a letter from St. John of Avila

27. “If we only knew the precious treasure hidden in infirmities, we would receive them with the same joy with which we receive the greatest benefits, and we would bear them without ever complaining or showing signs of weariness.” ~St. Vincent de Paul

28. “No earthly pleasures, no kingdoms of this world can benefit me in any way. I prefer death in Christ Jesus to power over the farthest limits of the earth. He who died in place of us is the one object of my quest. He who rose for our sakes is my one desire.” ~St. Ignatius of Antioch

29. “I have come to this conclusion, not that I haven’t considered it before, for I have; and I did respond accordingly as I am about to share this conclusion. For it is better to hunger desperately and daily for The Holy Eucharist; than to hunger and eat the food of man. There is no other meal that I so desire. There was a time when The Eucharist was my first consumption of my every day; nothing else ever touched my lips first, only Jesus. I miss that, I must return.” ~Jim Dacey Jr OFS

30. “The Blessed Virgin Mary comforts and refreshes those who are in their last agony. Then she also receives their souls at death.” ~St. Vincent Ferrer

31. “My children, do you want to obtain perseverance? Then be devoted to our Blessed Lady!” ~St. Philip Neri

32. “Those who love Mary must silence within themselves the desires of the senses. They must also silence the disordered longings of passions.” ~St. John Eudes

33. “As a consoler of the human race, Mary never ceases to pour out before her Son her prayer for the salvation of the faithful crushed by the weight of their sins.” ~St. Pius V

34. “Human beings will never comprehend sufficiently the anguish and immensity of Mary’s sorrows. Very few Christians partake of those sufferings and even fewer offer any consolation to her.” ~St. Bridget of Sweden

35. “In danger, anguish, or doubt, think of Mary and call upon her! Following her, you will never lose your way. Praying to her, you will never sink into despair. Contemplating her, you will never go wrong.” ~St. Bernard

36. “O sinners, be not discouraged...Call Mary to your assistance, for you will always find her ready to help. It is God’s Will that she should help in every need.” ~St. Basil

37 “Mary’s words were discreet, and her voice was measured. She did not shout and she was careful not to say anything bad about another person - nor even to listen willingly to wrong what was spoken.” ~St. Athanasius

38. “Ask Mary for the grace to love our Lord as she loves Him and to remain faithful to Him in life and in death.” ~St. Bernadette

39. “So pleasing to God was Mary’s humility that He was constrained by His goodness to entrust to her the Word, His only Son. And it was that dearest Mary who gave Him to us.” ~St. Catherine of Siena

40. “Do you wish to know the most intimate perfections of Jesus and the most hidden attractions of His Love? Then seek them in the Heart of Mary!” ~St. Peter Julian Eymard

41. “Mary’s sole object in this world was to keep her eyes constantly focused on God so as to discover His will. Then when she had found out what God wanted, she did it.” ~St. Bernardine of Siena

42. “Do not be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much. You can never love her enough. And Jesus will be very happy, because the Blessed Virgin is His Mother.” ~St. Therese of Lisieux

43. “Blessed are those who cherish the name of Mary. Her favor will sustain them in the midst of trials, and they will bring forth fruits of salvation.” ~St. Anthony of Padua

44. “The name of Mary contains the brilliance of the virtues, the sweet refulgence of modesty and the sacrifice pleasing to God. It is the sign of hospitality and the center of holiness.” ~St. Francis Xavier

45. “May the Blessed Virgin Mary help me to live a holy life and die a holy death. Then at the last instants of my life, may she come to my assistance and lead me to heaven.” ~St. Dominic Savio

46. “The Blessed Virgin never committed any actual sin - not even a venial one. Otherwise, she would not have been a Mother worthy of Jesus.” ~St. Thomas Aquinas

47. “Our Lord preserved the soul together with the body of the Blessed Virgin in that purity which became her who was to receive God into her womb. For, as God is holy, He reposes only in holy places.” ~St. John Damascene

48. "We never give more honor to Jesus than when we honor his Mother, and we honor her simply and solely to honor him all the more perfectly. We go to her only as a way leading to the goal we seek - Jesus, her Son.” ~Saint Louis Marie de Montfort

49. “The greatest saints, those richest in grace and virtue will be the most assiduous in praying to the most Blessed Virgin, looking up to her as the perfect model to imitate and as a powerful helper to assist them.” ~Saint Louis Marie de Montfort

50. “Mary having co-operated in our redemption with so much glory to God and so much love for us, Our Lord ordained that no one shall obtain salvation except through her intercession.” ~St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

51. “Men do not fear a powerful hostile army as the powers of hell fear the name and protection of Mary.” ~St. Bonaventure

52. "To give worthy praise to the Lord's mercy, we unite ourselves with Your Immaculate Mother, for then our hymn will be more pleasing to You, because She is chosen from among men and angels. Through Her, as through a pure crystal, Your mercy was passed on to us. Through Her, man became pleasing to God; Through Her, streams of grace flowed down upon us." (1746) ~St. Faustina

53. “Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much. You can never love her more than Jesus did.” ~St. Maximilian Kolbe

54. "Before, by yourself, you couldn't. Now, you've turned to our Lady, and with her, how easy!" ~St. Josemaria Escriva

55. "In dangers, in doubts, in difficulties, think of Mary, call upon Mary. Let not her name depart from your lips, never suffer it to leave your heart. And that you may obtain the assistance of her prayer, neglect not to walk in her footsteps. With her for guide, you shall never go astray; while invoking her, you shall never lose heart; so long as she is in your mind, you are safe from deception; while she holds your hand, you cannot fall; under her protection you have nothing to fear; if she walks before you, you shall not grow weary; if she shows you favor, you shall reach the goal." ~St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Father and Doctor of the Church

56. "Mary, give me your Heart: so beautiful, so pure, so immaculate; your Heart so full of love and humility that I may be able to receive Jesus in the Bread of Life and love Him as you love Him and serve Him in the distressing guise of the poor." ~Blessed Mother Teresa

57. "If you invoke the Blessed Virgin when you are tempted, she will come at once to your help, and Satan will leave you." ~St. John Vianney

58. "When we were little, we kept close to our mother in a dark alley or if dogs barked at us. Now, when we feel temptations of the flesh, we should run to the side of our Mother in Heaven, by realizing how she is to us, and by means of aspirations. She will defend us and lead us to the light." ~St. Josemaria Escriva

59. "The Immaculate alone has from God the promise of victory over Satan. She seeks souls that will consecrate themselves entirely to her, that will become in her hands forceful instruments for the defeat of Satan and the spread of God's kingdom." ~St. Maximilian Kolbe

60. "If you ever feel distressed during your day — call upon our Lady — just say this simple prayer: 'Mary, Mother of Jesus, please be a mother to me now.' I must admit — this prayer has never failed me." ~Blessed Mother Teresa

61. "No one can live continually in sin and continue to say the Rosary: Either they'll give up sin or they'll give up the Rosary." ~Bishop Hugh Doyle
Your brother in Christ Jesus
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS
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