Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Sorrowful Mysteries

BEADS OF JOY 05-28-13
“The Sorrowful Mysteries”
©2013 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,

Now let us take a look at some of the very sorrowful moments in our Lord's life. Jesus willingly died for us, so that through His death we might live eternally with Him and the Father for all eternity in Heaven. I believe that it is The Sorrowful Mysteries, draw us closest to our Lord. I think our hearts cry out as we watch Him suffer, we see Him bleed and we see His flesh teared from His Holy Sacred body. I know when I watch the Scourging at the Pillar in the Passion of the Christ I can't help but cry and my cry –is that of my insides being teared apart. The Sorrowful Mysteries indeed are the most moving emotionally to so many of us.

The First Sorrowful Mystery is the Agony of Jesus in the Garden. Agony is such a powerful word, it feels like something deep within our soul is trying to deal with something outside our body, but in the attempt to connect it can't. His agony is for our despicable sins and His desire to forgive us and save us. We must dig deep inside ourselves and surrender "self" and give it to Jesus and in turn surrender ourselves to His Will, no matter what the cost. This mystery leads us to understand what fully surrendering means; no matter what the circumstances, when it comes to love.

The Second Sorrowful Mystery is the Scourging at the Pillar. What an intense time for our Lord to endure, His body was being lashed and beaten for my (our) sins. He suffered and bled like no one ever has, not for something He, rather because of the sin you and I committed. My heart and soul cried and screamed out loud just at the thought of my Lord and Savior having to go through this punishment because of me. We must think before we do these things. Don’t allow the sins of this world to entangle themselves around you; this world is destined to its own judgment. Do not allow yourself to be connected to such a wicked and perverse generation. In this mystery let us open our hearts and minds and free ourselves of this sinful world. Live in the world, but don’t be of the world.

The Third Sorrowful Mystery is the Crowning with Thorns. It's bad enough that they beat Him and scourged His body to near death, now they furthered His suffering by pressing a crown of thorns on His head. The strength and power our Lord has is obvious without limits, but how cruel to further bring Him pain. The Roman Soldiers had no concern for Jesus, there only job was to humiliate and shame Him in front of everyone. This mystery teaches us not to be afraid of public humiliation for our Love for Jesus.

The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery is Jesus Carrying His Cross. What incredible patience our Lord has while being under such horrific physical stress. It's medically been said that under any normal circumstances an average healthy strong person would have died after all the abuse He has already endured. Jesus my Lord, I am so sorry for my many sins, I cry and scream and beg for them to stop hurting You, I love you so much... Let’s have this mystery teach us to endure our personal Cross, no matter how much it already hurts.

The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery is the Crucifixion. I have to say after all this pain inflicted upon our Lord, we know He seen the crucifixion as His gift to us. It is for this very moment that He was born into the world. His death has given us eternal life; and it is through His death that we see our sins that we must die to. Let us suffer with Him, let us carry our own crosses of sin and have them crucified and repent before our Lord. He wants to forgive us, He wants to embrace us. Let us live a life fully devoted to Him, let us not fear any suffering we must endure to attain His love. He is our reward in this life, our refuge from the sinful world we live in.

Trust in Jesus, fear no pain as you draw closer to Him.

If your biggest fear is “Oh, I can’t let anyone know I love Jesus and I most especially can’t let anyone know I love praying the Rosary.” I will pray for you, that is said my friend. You should be overflowing with Jesus every single day with everyone.

Your brother in Christ Jesus
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS

MY FIRST BOOK. More to come…