Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Your Adversaries Are Powerless

BEADS OF JOY 05-21-13
“Your Adversaries Are Powerless”
©2013 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,

The real enemy is satan, we all know he is a liar and murderer. Satan tries to use fear against those who live a life devoted to Jesus. He is hostile and fearful towards Jesus' love, truth and forgiveness and it so obvious that he too must know in the end that Jesus shall reign for all eternity. With all that said, let us remain strong and bold without fear. He cannot hurt us.

Let us have no fear only trust in the direction our Lord is leading us in our lives. Satan's objective is to deceive us, while the sins he leads us to binds us and blinds us. It is God's truth that sets us free from not only our sins; but from the blindness that the sins create. In Luke 21:19 Jesus says: “By your endurance you will gain your lives.” By doing this you will certainly inherit eternal life. How do we gain this “endurance” that He speaks of it in our lives?

Endurance is a spiritual gift that comes from the Holy Spirit. This gift gives us strength during trials and temptations, and courage in times of persecution. In our endurance we must have hope in God's love, never fearing that the enemy will win. We know Jesus wins in the end, our endurance will build our faith and our character as Christians. Jesus willingly died for us, He shed His blood for our salvation. We are all called to also do like He has done for each other, while we take up our own crosses and go through this life. Each of us will be given our own Cross, one chosen specifically for each of us. And to compliment that Cross, God will give us –that which we can handle. So matter how heavy it gets, know that God has taken into account exactly what we can handle.

I believe the question we are faced with is: Are we as Christians ready and willing to lay down our lives for Jesus? Not many people would come out yelling and screaming yes in today's times. I know I would. Would you? How can we live a life surrender completely to God, then in times of trials and persecution where we must stand for Jesus and what we believe, we don't. Satan and all his evil is powerless against us. At the mere speaking of His name, we overpower the enemy. Our allegiance isn’t only in word, God knows our heart, our intentions and our ulterior motives. Stay pure before Him, loving Him with a heart that is indeed full of our love for Him.

Your brother in Christ Jesus
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS

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