Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Sorrowful Mysteries

BEADS OF JOY 02-11-14
“The Sorrowful Mysteries”
©2014 James Dacey, Jr. OFS
My Friends,
These Mysteries are the most difficult, the most hurtful and the most painful. My heart-aches, the tears flow and my soul feels so unworthy. Yet my Lord –and my God gave all that He had (His very life) to save mine. It is very challenging for me most times when watching these scenes on “The Passion of The Christ”. Yet in my heart and in my soul I know I need to watch and I need to cry. I need to see what my sin has done to my Lord…
The Sorrowful Mysteries…

First Sorrowful Mystery – Agony in The Garden.
Even Jesus in all that He had, and all that He could do; He still turned to God the Father to prepare for what difficulties were to come. I kneel here looking at Jesus kneeling in the Garden looking towards His Father. And yet in His request to avoid the pain and suffering that is to come; He finishes by saying, “; nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” As Jesus has shown us here under tremendous stress, we to need to have full Conformity to the Will of God. Let us be strong in Jesus, by forsaking our own wants and desires. As I live my life I say, “I want God’s Will to be my life, I don’t care about me; rather I live my life for He who died for me.”

Second Sorrowful Mystery – Scourging at The Pillar.
Dear Lord, I have so much trouble staying focused; watching you suffer while your body is being ripped apart by that whip. There is blood everywhere, you blood Lord. The pain and suffering you are so unfairly receiving; because of my selfishness brings a constant flow of tears to my eyes. I am so unworthy of such love from anyone. Why Lord? Why must You suffer so much for me? In the Mortification of my body and my desires of this world, I shall stay focused on loving You with all I have Lord; sacrificing my selfishness and replacing it with more love for You and Your Mother. Nothing in my life shall ever come before You.

Third Sorrowful Mystery – Crowning with Thorns.
My Lord this unnecessary humiliation is outrageous to see, You are being mocked and spit upon and hated. My Lord I beg of You to please forgive me for my selfish foolish ways; You have such patience and Moral Courage. I shall follow You Lord to the ends of the earth. My life, my wants, my desires, my hope, my dreams, my goals; all these Lord will be wrapped up in You. You my Lord are my Savior, You are the King of Kings and Lord of Lord in my life; I shall have no other. This mystery helps me learn greatly about patience and courage.

Fourth Sorrowful Mystery – Carrying of The Cross.
My Lord, The heavy burdensome weight of this huge Cross; must have hurt you tremendously to carry for so long. Your Patience Lord in suffering, is suffering that no child of God can possible understand. But what we can understand is how much You really love me. I can see Mary looking at You Lord as You were passing here with this Cross on Your back. Your eyes meet hers, You looked upon her with love letting her know; it’s ok mother I have to do this. Her return stare of love, tears flowing endlessly; yet she shows confidence in what Your eyes have spoken. I shall always accept whatever Crosses I must carry patiently with understanding.

Fifith Sorrowful Mystery – The Crucifixion.
Jesus my Lord and my God -I see You on the Cross, I see Your blood dripping everywhere. Your hands, Your feet, Your forehead… My tears keep flowing I can’t stop crying, my heart is aching, breaking, being ripped apart. I WANT THIS TO STOP!!!! My Lord You have always lived a life of complete Self-denial, never ever putting any of Your wants or needs ever before us. And Lord at the very moment of this most painful suffering part of Your earthly life; You give Your Mother Mary to us so that she may also be our Mother. A Mother I shall forever eternally love my Lord. Mary my Mother I love you so much; for in you I shall always find Jesus.

“YOU CAN HAVE ALL THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER, ITS WEALTH, ITS LUSTS, ITS THINGS; ALL I WANT AND DESIRE IS JESUS.” ~ I've been saying his for decades... I sincerely with all my heart mean every single word of it…

Your brother in Christ Jesus
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS 

MY FIRST BOOK. More to come…