Sunday, August 17, 2014

OMG - 2 Mini-Strokes

BEADS OF JOY 08-17-14 
“OMG – 2 Mini-Strokes!!”
©2014 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,

Holy cow this took a long time to type!!! What can I say? Other than -Thank you Jesus for sparing my life and allowing me to move forward into a healing. I don’t know what to say, except, I highly recommend that when your body is telling that something is wrong, it’s usually right. With me, as many of you would probably say the same thing, “I know my body, its rhythm, its daily fluctuations… I can tell when something is out of sync.”

Wednesday was a beautiful, relaxing day. I needed the rest so bad after Tuesday’s incident and a day spent at the hospital. Little did I realize that on Tuesday I had a mini-stroke (TIA)? At this point on Wednesday I had no idea. So I relaxed and studied for my State Exam for my Endorsement. On this day I tested 5 times, got 100/100/100/90/60 on 5 tests. I knew I knew this stuff. I needed an 80 to pass, the odds are in my favor.

Thursday began like most days in my life; vitamin, water, light breakfast and light exercise. But today was going to be different; after about an hour or so of being up, a mild headache began. And much to my displeasure it continued. I didn’t want to be on Aspirin all day, so I did nothing. I tolerated the pain. We had some errands to do and I was taking a state exam for my Doubles/Triples Endorsement for my CDL-A license. After being at Motor Vehicle for some time on-line and eventually getting a computer to take my exam -the challenges really began. I was having so much trouble understanding the questions. Honestly to me they weren’t making any sense (English wise)… It was a gibberish sentence, I got the basic idea; but I wasn’t able to comprehend the question. In the end after skipping many questions I got 10/20 correct, then I got 4 wrong and failed. After the test I was telling Chrissy, “I can’t understand why it wasn’t making any sense to me? I know the material.”

It's obvious to me now why I was having such a problem with understanding words and sentences.. Then on Saturday when I wrote this Chrissy asked me,"Would you like me to cut some celery for you?" You'd think I was a foreigner that had no idea what she was talking about if you saw my face... I was like, "What????" She looked at me like I had 3 heads, "Do you want me to?" I said, "Cellery????" She was like, "Yeah, Celery!! would you like me to cut some up for you?" Then all of sudden I remembered what "Celery" was.. WOW !!!

This past week: Monday forward has many scary things that happened to me; in the full picture of the end result being that I had 2 mini-Strokes this week it all makes sense. It has taken a long time for me to type this. My typing skills of words and sentences have been a mess all week. I’m not having any trouble with speaking… LOL –Hey Shut up!!! (you know who you are) LOL… too funny… I know many wish I would just shut up.. LOL

Hospital Visit (3 days)
The doctor said, “Deep inside your brain, as part of your DNA genetic make-up we have found a spot that shows you have had a stroke.” Side note: My mom’s mom was epileptic and through her life she experienced mini-strokes. The doctor further told me that through these tests we can see you had two Episodes of (TIA) –meaning Mini-Stroke. These findings tell them that I had two episodes, one was more serious than the other. Exactly what day was what it don’t tell them? In some ways the Tuesday was dramatic because I fell unconscious and lost mechanic motion with my left arm/hand. But then Thursday lasted a good part of the day and I also lost grabbing ability with the same hand. No matter I am home waiting to see my Personal Physician to get her take on the entire situation. Hopefully I can get back to work real soon...

I will keep everyone posted... Thank you all for your love and your continued prayers...

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