Tuesday, August 12, 2014

OMG - That Scared Me!!

BEADS OF JOY 08-12-14 
“OMG - That Scared Me!!”
©2014 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,

OK... This was not a good day for me… I did wake up feeling fine, at least I thought I was. I was the only one awake when I woke up this morning. I had some green tea, a banana and a small salad. Still feeling incredibly well, so I thought. But much to my surprise the entire day would collapse in front of me… pun intended.

I was online on our Ministry page as I typically am, for the past 3 decades, prepare the morning prayers and the day ahead. Well this morning was unlike any morning I have ever experienced before in my life. In the midst of my tying, my left forearm and hand went limb (like dead – (not numb) but rather motionless). My brain was telling my hand MOVE and it wouldn’t respond at all. I used my right hand to push and move my left hand and I unfortunately got no-response. My left hand just motionlessly moved on the keyboard. YES I was scared out of my wits. So I pondered for a moment and didn’t have a clue what to do. So I leaned back in my chair and left arm fell motionlessly to my side like it was dead… I got chills up spine, now I knew something is wrong here…

After a minute or two I got up and figured maybe I need to just move around, after all it was still morning. But at that point was up for a while. I already had my vitamin, did my exercise and I ate something. The windows were open and the fan was bringing in a cool refreshing breeze from outside. But what was about to happen would scare the life out of me.

I got up and walked 2 steps and collapsed (passed out). I think it was only for a couple of minutes, I don’t really know. When I realized I as on the floor, my body had no strength or ability to stand up, I just couldn’t get up, and yes my left arm/hand were still unresponsive and unusable. OMG – That Scared Me!! I was totally beside myself at this point. I didn’t know what to do, everyone was still sleeping in the back of the house. So I crawled with one arm and two very weak legs to the couch. After getting up on the couch I just laid there in tears. Praying that whatever this was it would pass. At the same time, my right arm was forcing motion in my left arm. Within a few minutes I got my responsive motion back… Yes I was relieved, but still scared.

After a couple of minutes I got up and took a walk outside, to get some fresh air and I figured the stroll would be good. The refreshing cool air of the morning felt fantastic, but I still felt weak and a bit worn out. So I got back in the house and I felt a bit dazed and light headed. So I woke Chrissy up and asked her to get me to the hospital. I was NOT DRIVING today. Chrissy, love her precious heart, she bolted out of bed, hit the bathroom, got dressed and she was ready. I was already ready. Before we left the driveway I was in the passenger seat laying back; while she used my phone to text my boss and post my health issue to all of you for prayer.

I pretty much kept my eyes closed with the cool a/c on my face for the ride to the hospital. Once there, the ER was empty. I was grateful, they were able to take me right away. Today they hooked me up to IV, immediately did some blood work; hooked me up to the blood pressure machine (124/76), took a chest x-ray and they did a brain CAT scan. Holy cow… Long day at the hospital indeed. I ate hospital food today (always interesting), but I must say the Chicken sandwich and Chicken soup were pretty good and Chrissy took the coffee they gave me.

At the Hospital...
Chrissy stayed by my side (I am one lucky dude to have such a loyal sweetie next to me)... They did an EKG, IV hook-up, lung x-ray, blood-work, blood pressure machine and a Brain CAT scan... All results were not life threatening... PRAISE JESUS... but the overall concerns were pointed out... Can this happen again? (YES) Can I pass out again? (YES). The doctor thinks it maybe Neurological so he suggested I see my Primary Care Physician so through her I can see a Neurologist. My left knee was badly bruised up from the fall (I was bleeding and black and blue). I really don’t remember being hurt when I fell.. And the doctor suggested a couple of days rest… So I am taking a couple days rest, to be safe.


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