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Rosary Ministry Daily Posts

BEADS OF JOY 08-24-14
Rosary Ministry Daily Posts
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My Friends,
Welcome to our ministry Schedule of Prayer page. Each day (Monday through Friday) I post daily ALL of these open invitations for to all to join us. Here is the actual postings that I post each day. This may help you plan, so you can drop in to see what’s going on; and maybe even join us. I hope that this blog entices you to join us. Starting this week (August 25, 2014 – Day 1) we have begun this exact schedule of prayer. Our schedule changed because my work schedule changed.
Beads of Joy Rosary Ministry
aka (
6:00 am Time to Pray The Angelus –All are invited to join us. Press (LIKE) in uniting with us. Let us reflect upon the heart of Mary.
7:00 am Please JOIN ME Let’s Pray The New Days Rosary (the specific mysteries) Kindly press LIKE as you begin.
-The Joyful Mysteries (Monday / Saturday)
-The Luminous Mysteries (Thursday)
-The Sorrowful Mysteries (Tuesday / Friday)
-The Glorious Mysteries (Wednesday / Sunday)

8:00 am Rosary Man Jim’s Gospel Study: (The Day)/ (The Gospel) This is my fun way to experience the Gospels. Maybe it can be yours to…
-Monday/ The Gospel of Matthew
-Tuesday/ The Gospel of Mark
-Wednesday/ The Gospel of Luke
-Thursday/ The Gospel of John
-Friday/ The Acts of The Apostles
9:00 RosaryManJim invites you: <3 To Pray a full 20 Decade Rosary every single day! You will gain –Peace <3 Love <3 & Overflowing Joy. <3
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(Invitation to Join our Friday Living Rosary)
If you haven’t yet joined, our next Live Worldwide Rosary –(#) is next Friday (Date) We are (#of) Ambassadors of The Rosary. Comment w/a YES and I’ll add you to the blog.
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(Invitation to Join our Rosary For Priests)
Our next. –(Rosary For Our Priests & The Priesthood) is this coming Sunday (Date) @2pm
12 Noon Invitation: Please join us in Praying The Pro-Life Rosary. Press (LIKE) in uniting with our prayers.
1:00 pm Invitation: Join us in Praying The Rosary for World Peace. Please press (LIKE) in uniting with our prayers.
2:00 pm OPEN Invitation: Please (LIKE) and join us and all Franciscans as we pray THE FRANCISCAN CROWN ROSARY. “Pax et bonum”
3:00 pm OPEN Invitation: The Hour of Mercy. Please –Join Father Joe Roesch and Rosary Man Jim as they Pray The Divine Mercy Chaplet. 
4:00 pm OPEN Rosary Invitation: Please join us in Praying The Rosary For Our Priests and The Priesthood. Please press (LIKE) and join us…
6:00 pm Time to Pray The Angelus –All are invited to join us. Press (LIKE) in uniting with us. Let us reflect upon the heart of Mary.
6:30 pm: At this time every single nite –I pray a full 20 Decade Rosary. PLZ JOIN ME! I pray this in Thanksgiving for Chrissy’s Amazing Cancer Healing Miracle! Read about Chrissy's Amazing Miracle: 

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“Our Lady’s Rosary Vigil Group” INVITES you to join us and be united with us each day. Read all about what we do and how you can be part of us.

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(Day Of The Week): Please Join “Our Lady’s Rosary Vigil Group” as we Pray The Rosary @9pm. Press “LIKE” in uniting with us.
This posted about 9:30 pm (final post)
COMING this FALL 2014 –Beads of Joy –Email Prayer Request Interactive Monthly Newsletter. (October) Watch for more details. All are invited to join…

Come PRAY THE ROSARY with us every evening Monday through Friday 9pm EST with our
"Our Lady's Rosary Text Vigil Group"

Invitations posted daily… and throughout the evening…
Your brother in Christ Jesus
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS

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