Saturday, November 1, 2014

Marian Feast Days of November

BEADS OF JOY 11-01-14
“Marian Feast Days of November”
©2014 James Dacey, Jr. OFS
Marian Feast Days of


My Friends,

Another month has begun. I really love Our Lady so much. Sometimes it’s so obvious, others times its beyond obvious. LOL. Either way I love sharing these Marian Calendars with all of you each month. Hopefully through my research I will be able to tell you a little about each of these very special Celebrations that share Our Lady’s love. Come back from time to time and see what I have found...

1. Our Lady of the Palm, Cadiz, Spain (1755)
2. Our Lady of Emminont, Abbeville, France
3. Our Lady of Rennes, Brittany, France
4. Our Lady of Port Louis, Milan, Italy
5. Our Lady of Damietta, Egypt (1220)
6. Our Lady of Good Remedies, Mexico (1519)
7. Our Lady of the Pond, Dijon, France (1531)
8. Our Lady of Belle Fontaine, La Rochelle
9. Our Lady of Almudena, Madrid, Spain
10. Our Lady of Last Agony /Miraculous cure through the intercession of Our Lady of Loreto (1552)
11. Our Lady of the Portuguese (1546)
12. Our Lady of the Tower Secret, Turin, Italy (1863)
13. Our Lay of Nanteuil, France (1st Century)
14. Our Lady of the Grotto, Lamego, Portugal
15. Our Lady of Pignerol, Savoy, France (1098)
16. Our Lady of Chieves, Hainault, Belgium (1130)
17. Our Lady of Sion (Queen of the Jews) (1393)
18. The Rosary Virgin of Chiquinquira, Columbia (1555)
19. Our Lady of Good News or Glad Tidings
20. Our Lady of La Guarde, Bologna, Italy (433)
21. Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (12 BC)
22. Our Lady of Lavang, Viet Nam (1798)
23. Our Lady of the Vault, Italy
24. Our Lady of Montserrat, Spain (1535)
25. Our Lady of the Rock of Fiesola, Tuscany, Italy (1028)
26. Our Lady of the Mountains, Italy (1500)
27. Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (1830)
28. Our Lady of Walsingham, England (1061)
29. Apparition of Our Lady of Beauraing, Belgium (1932)
30. Our Lady of Genesta, Genoa, Italy

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