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Prayer Vigil For A Miracle

BEADS OF JOY 11-02-14
“Prayer Vigil For A Miracle”
©2014 James Dacey, Jr. OFS
Prayer Vigil For A Miracle
Beads of Joy Rosary Ministries First Ever Vigil of This Kind..

My Friends,

The intent of this Vigil was for everyone. Yes it was sparked by the pain and suffering of my own soul and life; but through much prayer of two weeks being out of work “despair” and “hopelessness” was sinking in. I never lost hope, I just needed to see it again. Life gives you rotten eggs at times and sometimes those rotten eggs were in the sun for week and then you get them.

On October 30, 2014 I posted this:
for as long as I can stay awake from probably 10pm - (whenever) ever hour asking for INTERCESSORY prayer for a Miracle... Anyone willing to unite with me? If you press >>LIKE<< I will mention you in my post as I post a prayer each hour… Love you guys !!!

Breakdown of Prayer Hourly throughout the evening. 

10:00 pm
Prayer of Compassion
Compassionate and merciful Jesus, My heart longs for Your perfection. Not only do You share in my sufferings, You have voluntarily accepted them. Your proficiency at perceiving my soul Is compared to reading large fonts in a book: Nothing is hidden from Your panorama! Your merciful nature knows my intentions. Considering my continuous weaknesses, You are dedicated to the cause of my salvation. Jesus, You are most kind and forgiving: You are the proven Lord of compassion!

11:00 pm
Prayer for Grace

O my God and my all, in Thy goodness and mercy, grant that before I die I may regain all the graces which I have lost through my carelessness and folly. Permit me to attain the degree of merit and perfection to which Thou didst desire to lead me, and which I failed by my unfaithfulness to reach. Mercifully grant also that others regain the graces which they have lost through my fault. This I humbly beg through the merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Virgin Mary. Amen.

12:00 am
Prayer For Abundance

Almighty God, Whose hands hold all matters of life, give me grace of success in the work that I do. Help me to give it the careful thought and the strict attention that will lead to success. Watch over me and govern my actions, that I may not mar its perfection. Show me how to give my best, and let me not despise the toil that is necessary to complete it. Make my life a successful one, in that every duty You give to me, I do it well. Give me the blessing of Your help and guidance, and suffer me not to fail. In Jesus' name. Amen.

1:00 am
Prayer for God's Truth and Guidance
Father in Heaven, You made me Your child and called me to walk in the Light of Christ. Free me from darkness and keep me in the Light of Your Truth. The Light of Jesus has scattered the darkness of hatred and sin. Called to that Light, I ask for Your guidance and truth. Form my life in Your Truth, my heart in Your Love. Through the Holy Eucharist, give me the power of Your Grace that I may walk in the Light of Jesus and serve Him faithfully. Amen.

We are being pressed against the granite... Time for us of the essence. Everything is in God's time. I completely agree, but right now this is do or die for the Dacey Family. We just moved, we just found the most peaceful, most blessed home to be with our family. We have no desire to move, to uproot and unfortunately we don't even have any other place we can go.. WE NEED THIS MIRACLE BADLY my LORD !!!!

In Your Truth and Guidance Lord I have learned much throughout my entire life. There is no doubt that my family (not excluding any other family) has been put to the test of our faith. The trials we have experienced over the last nearly 10 years have been horrific in most cases... Chrissy's terminal illness that consumed and nearly killed her and me taking care of her; and my precious Pickles Lord still brings tears my eyes, the pain is like acid running through my veins; and so many other issues and now this.. PLEASE LORD help us see our way through this.. We need HOPE.

2:00 am
Prayer for the Strength to Forgive

Faultless Lord, enduring death for me, You have consummated the debt of my sins: Your sacrifice of forgiveness was absolute! Grant me the strength to also forgive others, To excuse their transgressions against me. So I may truly reflect this spiritual fruit, Obliterate any persistent feelings of malice. Let each trespass end as a closing chapter, My continuing on the road of righteousness. Forgive my sins as I aspire to forgive others. You are truly archetypical of forgiveness. You are a most forgiving Lord! AMEN

3:00 am
A Prayer for Perseverance

Lord Jesus Christ, I believe in You as my God and my Saviour. Make me more faithful to Your Gospel and commandments. By sharing in the Eucharist, may I come to live more fully in the life You have given me. Keep Your Love alive within my heart and soul so that I may become worthy of You. Teach me to value and be thankful for all of Your Gifts. Help us to strive for eternal life.

Dear Lord, Please hear all the requests here this evening, written and those still in the quiet safe place of their hearts. There are so many truly wonderful people you have allowed into my life, here today Lord. I only want to see the best for them. Yes I know I rattle my cage always for my own family; but even more you know how much I pray for each and everyone so much. I do all I can to learn and connect with as many families as times allows. Lord Please help guide their hearts to Peace and Joy and most especially Your love in fulfilling their Miracles..

4:00 am
A Prayer for Kindness in All Things

Dear Lord, I praise you as the essence of all things loving; You are complete in Yourself; You are unconditional in Love. In my heart I desire to be more like You, and I invite you to be with me as I move about through my day. When I begin to compare myself to others, let me remember that we are all made in your likeness, and that each of our bodies is a temple of Your Holy Spirit. When I am tempted to make judgments about the actions, behaviors, even the looks of others as a way of making myself feel better, come to my aid and bring about in me a spirit of contentment, a spirit of gratitude. Help me to treat each person I encounter as I would like to be treated, and fill me with loving kindness so that my thoughts, words, and deeds flow from Your spirit of unconditional Love. Let me remember You always; let me be ever aware of Your presence in each moment of my life, as I would surely cease to live, to move, to have my being if thought of me falls from Your mind’s embrace for the span of even one breath; for it is Your breath that gives me life. I ask all these things through Christ who strengthens me. Amen.

5:00 am
Prayer For God's Love

O love eternal, my soul needs and chooses you eternally! Ah, come Holy Spirit, and inflame our hearts with your love! To love -- or to die! To die -- and to love! To die to all other love in order to live in Jesus' love, so that we may not die eternally. But that we may live in your eternal love, O Savior of our souls, we eternally sing, "Live, Jesus! Jesus, I love! Live, Jesus, whom I love! Jesus, I love, Jesus who lives and reigns forever and ever." Amen.

Dear Lord, it's been a very long night. A night of silence, trying to listen to Your voice. Lord, we trust fully in You. we may never understand why things are the way they must be; but we do understand, that we do not need to understand WHY and WHAT and HOW Your Will works in our life. We must just have the faith that You are in-charge and You always do what's best for us in Your time. Thank you in advance for the miracles that are to come. AMEN.

6:00 am
The Miracle Prayer

Lord Jesus, I come before Thee, just as I am, I am sorry for my sins, I repent of my sins, please forgive me. In Thy Name, I forgive all others for what they have done against me. I renounce Satan, the evil spirits and all their works. I give Thee my entire self, Lord Jesus, I accept Thee as my Lord God and Savior. Heal me, change me, strengthen me in body, soul, and spirit. Come Lord Jesus, cover me with Thy Precious Blood, and fill me with Thy Holy Spirit, I love Thee Lord Jesus, I praise Thee Lord Jesus, I thank Thee Jesus, I shall follow Thee every day of my life. Amen. Mary, My Mother, Queen of Peace, all the Angels and Saints, please help me. Amen.

To end the evening I posted this:
Luke 6:12 " It was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray, and He spent the whole night in prayer to God." We must be like Jesus in our prayer life. He is the example we must follow, He is the example we must follow after.

My Outcome was at 10:32am:

I got a call from Medline for the very job I was praying for all evening. A most incredible response from God after a very long night of prayer. I was and am still ever grateful. I don’t know or see God’s Plan here yet, but I do now know after the interview and more details shared to me about the position that my pay will be less than half of what I use to make. So even though this is truly wonderful, God’s Plan is still unknown as far as my direction now.

Taking on this job will result in me having to work either 2 full time jobs or 1 full-time job and 1 or 2 part time jobs. Either way I will have to do all I can to make up for the difference lost in this move. I trust Jesus and I obey and will follow the path He has set before me. If there is another path or another way I am sure He will reveal it to me. But no matter what I shall follow through with the answered prayer He has provided for me. God only knows the future and I trust in Him fully.

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