Friday, November 7, 2014

Praying Unceasingly

BEADS OF JOY 11-07-14
“Praying Unceasingly”
©2014 James Dacey, Jr. OFS
Praying Unceasingly

My Friends,

This is a reflection so many can relate to. My heart has been pounding about these things; most especially the last few weeks of trials and stress we have endured. Are you praying and praying and still you aren’t getting an answer? No visible sign? There is nothing helping you see God’s hand at work in those prayers? I know exactly how you feel. Believe me I know exactly how you feel. I know what it feels like to be Praying Unceasingly and unfortunately feel like you are going unheard by God. We think God does not hear our cries!!! Or does He???
One thing we keep forgetting. And to be fair when you are under the gun and health and food and work are the issues, we tend to have a foggy view of things and we tend to forget things. Like this: God’s Plan isn’t always our plan. God’s Plan usually goes unknown most of our lives (we feel we know it, we feel led in a direction, you know what I mean), it’s mostly because our God is Almighty and far too great for us to fully understand the big picture. That’s where our faith comes in my friends. Just because we don’t see God raise the Sun (yes our Sun in the solar system); and just because we don’t visibly see Him embrace those entering into Heaven, we tend to question our beliefs (sometimes). I know faith isn’t always the easiest simplest thing in the entire universe to understand, but then that’s ok. Faith is based on what we don’t see. So in turn we must Trust in Jesus fully.
I See it this way: We are in God’s Universe! We are in God’s Plan! We are the very people that Jesus died for! We are God’s children! God wouldn’t ever abandon us, and He most certainly wouldn’t ever allow us to feel pain and suffer, unless…. UNLESS!!! it was part of His magnificent plan. We must remember that following after Jesus means carrying our own CROSS to. YES, a CROSS, if you are complaining that yours is too heavy; then put it down and take up an even heavier one onto your shoulder. YES a heavier one. STOP (self-included) COMPLAINING!!!! Carry that Cross!!! It’s yours isn’t it??? Just carry it… Yes we need to share and I know I really really really share about sometimes every aspect of our experience and I hope that helps show how real we are. But even my words are beginning to change more and more. I share and explain and do my best not to overly complain. Beginning today with this article.
Sometimes even in my own rattling, it can sometimes seem like I am doubting and not believing God is present through all this and that God is too busy to help us in all this; and God has no time for me and God will allow us to suffer and struggle and fall off the edge of the earth... LOL ok… That’s what I am starting to see about me from the outside in. So from now on I will continue to update and inform and walk you through all of our challenges and stress but to those who are fully engaged in this, you will immediately notice a change in my tone, my choice of words. And hopefully you won’t see or hear complaining but rather you will see my FAITH shine through the obvious stress we are enduring. Whatever God’s Will is we accept. Whatever it is.
ABOUT OUR CROSS!!! Oh no, here I am talking about the very suffering that I am Praying Unceasingly to avoid. Stop... Just STOP!!!!! Jesus Christ (our Lord and Savior) was crucified, beaten almost to DEATH, the blood He shed -we would have died on the spot if that was us; then He was nailed upon a tree (a CROSS) and was put on display publicly, He was spit upon and humiliated, made fun of, HATED !!! WHY??? BUT WHY!!!!! Suffering without understanding? I know how that feels… So WHY DID HE DO IT!!!
Because Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior loves you and me SO MUCH!!!!! He was willing to suffer and be humiliated and destroyed and killed for our sake. He took the HIT of our wrong doing, our horribly filthy selfish sin. Tell me my sisters and brothers, WHY can’t you and I be a little hungry once in a while, maybe have to move if it be in God’s plan, maybe have to sacrifice this or that, maybe even be poor… WHY can’t we LOVE HIM that much back? Why can’t we be patient enough with all this stress pounded upon us into our lives? Why can’t we humbly carry our own Cross, as Jesus did?

SO LISTEN UP !!! Here’s what we have to do:
STOP COMPLAING!!!! (self-included)

(who are we to question Him)
Start Thanking Jesus
…for the suffering you have been chosen to suffer:
(not with doubt or sorrow, but with His JOY!!!)

I really felt the Spirit lead me in this today... I hope and pray that all this has been helpful to even just one sister or one brother out there.

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Your brother in Christ Jesus
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS

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