Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Marian Feast Days of April

BEADS OF JOY 04-01-14
“Marian Feast Days of April”
©2014 James Dacey, Jr. OFS
Marian Feast Days of April
My Friends,

Praise Jesus Our Lord always,
Love Our Lady continually,
Embrace the Holy Spirit Cheerfully,
Hold your Rosary BOLDLY,
And SHARE your Love
-for Our Lord and Our Lady OPENLY !!!

1 - Our Lady of Tears (Sicily).
2 - Our Lady of the Highest Grace (Higuey, Dominican Republic).
2 - Our Lady the Great (Poitiers, France).
3 - Apparition of Our Lord to Our Lady & the Apostles in the upper room.
4 - Our Lady of Grace (Normandy, France).
5 - Apparition of Our Lady to Pope Honorius IV in Confirmation of the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
5 - Our Lady of Divine Providence (Cussanio, Italy).
6 - Our Lady of the Conception (Flanders).
7 - Our Lady of Puig (Valencia, Spain).
8 - Our Lady of the Valley (Sicily).
9 - Our Lady of Myans (Savoy, France).
10 - Our Lady of Laval.
11 - Our Lady of Fourviere (France).
12 - Our Lady of Charity (Cobre, Cuba).
13 - Apparition of Our Lady to Blessed Jane of Mantua.
14 - Apparition of Our Lady to Saint Ludwina.
14 - Our Lady of Guam.
15 - Our Lady of Keiff (Russia).
16 - Our Lady of Victories in the Church of St. Mark (Venice).
17 - Our Lady of Arabida (Portugal).
19 - Our Lady of Lyons (France).
20 - Our Lady of Schier (Bavaria).
21 - Institution of the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception (Toledo, Spain).
22 - Our Lady of Betharam (France).
23 - Our Lady of Mende (Africa).
24 - Our Lady of Bonaria (Island of Sardinia).
25 - Dedication of the Lower Holy Chapel of Paris in honor of Our Lady.
26 - Mary, Mother of Good Counsel.
26 - Our Lady of Naïera, Navarre.
27 - Our Lady La Moreneta (Spain).
28 - Our Lady of the Oak (Anjou, France).
28 - Our Lady of Quito "Our Lady of the Earthquake" (Ecuador).
29 - Our Lady of Faith (Amiens, France).
30 - Our Lady of Africa (Algiers).

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