Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rosary Man's Reflections

BEADS OF JOY 04-05-14
“Rosary Man’s Reflections”
©2014 James Dacey, Jr. OFS
My Friends,
Today I spent much time in prayer and reflection about many things. So I thought I’d put together today’s collection of thoughts in a blog. I pray that in whatever way our Lord sees that these reflections help encourage you on your spiritual journey.

“Our life is a combination of allotted days proportioned to the life we live; in God’s economy we have –time to love and to serve Him, to build our relationship with Him and to unconditionally love our neighbors without judging them. How’s your economy doing? –Just a thought…” ~Jim Dacey Jr OFS
“To God’s Glory might we utilize the time we have been given; yes we can be interested in many things in this life –unfortunately so many of these “things” are such a waste of our time, but I always think of all things in this way: How might this hobby, this interest, or whatever help me continue to deepen my faith and help me in my journey home? I also think of how might I use this to help encourage others to do the same? All things Jesus… -Just a thought…” ~Jim Dacey Jr OFS
“Some have asked me: How do you have time to pray? How do you have time to reflect on each day’s scripture? How could you possibly pray 20 mysteries a day? Hmm… and I wonder: How do you not have time to pray? How do you not have time to reflect on scripture? How can you not find time to focus on the one who gave His life to save yours? –Just a thought…” ~Jim Dacey Jr OFS
“If you are frustrated with your life, bored with the way things are going for you, angry at those not doing what you demand; take a moment and pray one Our Father and one Hail Mary, and if that don’t relax you –take the time to spend some time at a cemetery. I have done this –that is one place where the frustrated living and reality meet. Embrace your life, say your prayers and be grateful.” ~Jim Dacey Jr OFS
“How do you identify wealth in your life? Do you use words like: Investment, money, profit, income, stocks, bonds, annuities? Hmm, might I suggest eternal wealth and might I suggest that you change the words you use to identify wealth, real wealth, eternal wealth; wealth that never loses value. Words like: Jesus, prayer, Eucharist, sacrifice, humility to start with. –Just a thought…” ~Jim Dacey Jr OFS

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