Monday, September 21, 2015

Last Weeks Prayers 9/14-20

©2015 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

9/20/15 SUNDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good Sunday Morning all my dear sisters and brothers. The Lord's Day has arrived. Today's Gospel is Mark 9:30-37 (Second Prediction of The Passion) If we want to be filled with God's love, we must first empty ourselves of everything that stands in the way - pride, self-seeking glory, vanity, etc. God wants empty vessels so he can fill them with His own glory, power, and love. Are you ready to humble yourself and to serve as Jesus did?

Dear Jesus, it is by your cross that you have redeemed the world and revealed your glory and triumph over sin and death to us. I pray Lord that I never fail to see your glory and victory in the cross. Help me to live my life to your will for me and to follow in your way of holiness always... AMEN.

9/19/15 SATURDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Welcome to the weekend my dear sisters and brothers. It's been a very long week indeed, but we made it. Today's Gospel is Luke 8:4-15 (Parable of The Sower / Purpose of Parables / Parable Explained) Do you hunger for God's word? God's word has the power to change and transform each and every one of us. Allow it into the depths of your heart, mind and soul.

Dear Jesus, it is faith in your word that is the way to wisdom. Pondering your divine plan is a way to grow in truth. Lord, open my eyes to your deeds, and my ears to the sound of your call, that I may understand your will for my life and live according to it. It may not always be easy and I understand that first hand. But you know me better than anyone. You know my heart, my soul and my devotion and loyalty to you. Thank you Jesus... Amen.

9/18/15 FRIDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning everyone. I look forward to many of you joining us throughout the day prayers. Today's Gospel is Luke 8:1-3 (Galilean Woman Follows Jesus) Do you know the joy of serving Jesus in fellowship with others who love and serve him willingly? Like we do here every single day...

Dear Jesus, please always set my heart a blaze for you, so that I may give freely of the gifts, talents, and resources you give me to others, for your sake and for the work of the Gospel. I pray each day Lord that my Joy and my Love for you overflows so much that anyone who maybe uncertain can easily see how the cup of your love is so abundant... AMEN.

9/17/15 THURSDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning my dear sisters and brothers. I am deeply grateful that we get to prayer together each day 7am - 9pm (see all the posts on this wall each day -7 days a week). Today's Gospel is Luke 7:36-50 (Jesus Testimony of John) Consider this: Are we grateful for God's mercy and pardon?

Dear Jesus, your grace in my life is sufficient for me. Please Lord continue to fill my heart with love and gratitude for the mercy you have shown me. And through your love, I am also filled with joy and freedom to love and serve others with kindness and respect. Gladly willing I give the shirt off my back to help my sisters and brothers. Once we get back on our feet Lord, you know we will continue to do just that, like before... AMEN.

9/16/15 WEDNESDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning to all my sisters and brothers around the world. Here we are mid-week and moving forward in prayer. Today's Gospel is Luke 7:31-35 (Jesus' Testimony of John) Do you listen to God's word with expectant faith and the willingness to trust and obey? Make Jesus first in your life.

Dear Jesus, Please open my ears to hear the good news of your kingdom and set my heart on fire for you, free to love and serve you joyfully every single day. Lord do not allow anything to keep me from following you with all my heart, all my mind and all my strength. You are first in my life Lord, nothing else matters unless you are first. Thank you Jesus for always loving me the way you always do -unconditionally... AMEN.

9/15/15 TUESDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning my dear sisters and brothers. May our Lord bless you and guide you through the day ahead. Today is Our Lady of Sorrows (The Seven Sorrows of Mary) Today's Gospel is John 19:25-27 (Mary at The Foot of The Cross) Our Lady suffered greatly...

Dear Jesus, it is by your death on the cross that you have won pardon for us and freedom from the tyranny of sin and death. I desire Lord to only live my life in the joy and freedom of your victory over sin, condemnation, and death. I can't begin to understand the suffering you endured or the sorrow your mother felt. What I do know is that I love you Lord and your Mother with all my heart... AMEN.

9/14/15 MONDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning my precious sisters and brothers, another fantastic week of prayer has begun. Today's Gospel is John 3:13-17 (Nicodemus) Do you love God who is the supreme good above all else? And do you always put him first in all your thoughts, cares, choices and actions?

Dear Jesus, your death brought life to all of us. Please continue to fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I may walk in the freedom and the joy as a child of God. I seek you Lord above all things. Nothing and no one in this life comes before you Lord. It's been 32 years since our relationship began and here I am 32 years later and I still feel that amazing joy and love thinking of you... AMEN.


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