Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time to Recalibrate My Life

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Hello My Friends,

What’s this all about? Well life has given me something I really never thought I’d have in my life; at least not at 50 years old. What’s that you ask? Down-time, free-time, no reason to pay attention in general to time at all. I like the concept of it, but in the essence of it every single day -I hate it; I’d much rather be working, driving and continuing my career as a successful driver. It’s not really a desire I have down deep inside of me, at least not now in my life. I am hoping in some reasonable amount of time I can regain my health back to full capacity and get those wheels rolling again.

Reflecting back on my latest career which I just alluded to… I really miss driving an 18-wheeler. That was a really fun career. 9 years, 45 states and Canada. I was never pulled over (no tickets), no accidents, no damage to the equipment. My CDL-A (D.A.C. Report) is literally a blank sheet of paper. That first year 2006, I drove almost 90,000 miles in the US and Canada for TMC, it really was a lot of fun, filled with interesting stories that are fun to ponder in my life now. The following 8+ years were a mix of steel delivers with CRST –Ryerson Steele in Lancaster, NY for 2.5 years and then Landair Express of New England out of Rock Tavern, NY for 6+ years; which had me drop and hook trailers covering the entire New England Region (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Main, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts). I use to drive 3-500 miles a night.

And yes, I admit… I had my share of stress I know, but then to be honest in full reflection back; most of those Landair years -Chrissy was very ill and I was driving all night and taking care of her all day, so it was very stressful with minimal sleep. So now I am home day in and day out… It’s taken me a long time to even accept this change; I still haven’t fully committed to it as a lifestyle yet. I want my old life back. So here I am 180 day’s home. See what I mean, even worse its 4,320 hours… Saying that alone is tiresome. LOL

Well today for whatever reason I have come to some realizations. Time to Recalibrate My Life, my goals, my desires, my choices that I want to accomplish while I am dealing with so many medical issues. I can’t go full steam with any plan, I tire easily and my overall physical strength right now has weakened, especially my left side that remains numb. I put on some weight and exercise actually hurts. So I figured time to recalibrate… meaning I want to do several things (obviously not all at once) but by doing several things little by little, maybe I can accomplish some of these minor/major goals with this unexpected, hopefully temporary, down time in my life.

So what I have compiled is a list. A list of My Hopes and Dreams. Maybe these ideas might help you stop procrastinating like I always do. To accomplish even one complete thought here will be fantastic. It’s not going to be easy, I know this; but the challenge and the thought of keeping my mind busy is great. Check out my list below, which by the way took a week to very consciously come up with.

My Hopes and Dreams
(My Passions –My Goals)

1.     Minimize My Life of Ownership… What I am talking about here is possessions (stuff). I do this regularly already (I give away and throw away stuff all the time). But now I want to do this beyond intentionally and basically “clean house” of almost every single one of my personal possessions. At the end of this goal, I physically want to own less than a duffle bag of personal items. Clothes are separate from this objective, but I will also be going through all of mine. Possessions have this tendency to keep us prisoners of them; worrying about them being stolen, damaged, lost or stored some place. Not having them… frees up my mind and my time so I can be more creative. I mostly value family photo's, my rosaries and my spiritual library of books.

2.     Writing without Limits or End… This is obvious. Back to my daily writing habits. There was a time in the not too distant past that I use to write every single day. But now I want to really write endlessly without limit in the kinds of projects and the topics. I have several books partially and some completely written – they need to be completed. I have several ideas for columns and syndications and word games – I’d like to purse them. I have 2 plays (Broadway in style) laid out –Time to buckle down and see how I can complete them. I have 2 complete EWTN (show) ideas fully developed in plan of action –Time to see how I can make them happen. I have countless (Movie) ideas, laid out in synopsis form with details and characters, some even in short story form –It would sure be nice to learn how to turn them into Scripts. And so much more. Writing is my one true passion.

3.     Digitize Almost My Entire World… This sort of relates back to #1 … I have many things that can easily be put into digital form. I have done so much already: Movies, music, books, photos, documents, and educational stuff (books, videos, etc.). It is this part of #1 that will make it so easy to dispose of so much stuff. In the end, so much stuff will take up less room than an SD card. I will use our family scanner and my digital camera to build this world. This will be fun and very easy and what an accomplishment it will be once so much has been digitized. Little by little through the years I have been already doing this; I just want to go full steam with this idea and even expand it. Meaning I can attain and own more digital stuff, but in the end it won’t take up virtually any space. Actually it will all be in virtual space. No clutter, no mess, no stuff… See this idea has great potential for all of us.

4.     Organize My Computer Files… I have so much saved on about 2 dozen Flash drives and some on my hard drive. Some are in duplicate and triplicate form. Time to just maybe eventually get a separate large 100 Terabyte plug in; to put ALL my digital items in one central place. It’ll be like one huge room in a tiny little box, holding everything. And I will need to stay more organized as a habit in one place; it’ll be easier than in several places like I do now. My computer runs fast and stays clean and free of viruses; because most of my digital stuff is off my computer. That my friends is a great habit.

5.     Physical Knowledge – Awareness and Nutrition… I have been down this road my whole life. Back in the early 2000’s when we lived in Niagara Falls, I had a Nutrition Blog. But that was in my early days of blogging, so I didn’t and I wasn’t so into it like I am now. I was more into journaling in my notebooks, I enjoyed writing with a pen or pencil, I still do. But I have a huge library of notebooks (I have about 12 crates of notebooks)… Well it’s time to for me to once again focus on my health. What’s my goal? Just like before, to be healthy, filled with tons of energy and to NOT be on any medications, only some vitamins. I will focus on the natural raw food diet I use to be on. My heart doctor already told me, “You have the heart of a 30 year old, strong and very healthy.” Thank God, he said with my 2 strokes had my heart been beat up from alcohol or smoking or both; the results may have been worse. So with starting out with a Strong Healthy Heart, that is where I will begin to get myself back to Optimum Health. I will share it all online as I always have. I would really like to get back on ©Reliv Classic... We use to have 2 smoothies a day with it in it, a truly amazing product that I believe stopped Chrissy's 4 years of suffering. Yes her cancer has returned, but then we haven't had the finances to purchase this since last October..

6.     Expand My Friendship Network… With me already living a virtually worldwide life of travel. I have “friends” and “prayer partners” on every continent now and in most every single country. But I wish to further expand it even more. Through the use of more social networks. But with the intent to take it to the next level of deeper more meaningful friendships. Time on the phone, video chats, etc.


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