Sunday, December 1, 2013

Marian Feast Days of December

BEADS OF JOY 12-01-13
“Marian Feast Days of December”
©2013 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,
Let us begin another incredibly blessed Marian month; and a Most Blessed new Liturgical Year. Each day we so desire to have Our Lady in our lives; might I suggest as you take the time to Pray The Rosary each and every day. I also pray that you might consider reflecting on each day’s Marian observation, to further celebrate Mary. 



1 - Our Lady of Ratisbon
This is one excellent example of Our Lady granting favors. Alphonse Rathisbonne was a French Jew who didn’t live by any faith, but rather worshipped the world he lived in with pride that was filled with ignorance. Eventually what happened one day was this: Our Lady motioned to him, with her right hand for him to kneel down. Once he knelt down, he realized how horribly sad the state of his soul was in. The next day Alphonse was baptized.
2 - Our Lady of Didinia (Cappadocia, Turkey)

3 - Our Lady of Filermo (Malta)
3 - Our Lady of Victory (Paris, France)

4 - Our Lady of La Chapelle, Abbeville. (1400)

5 - Our Lady of the Jesuits College (Rome- 1584)
6 - Our Lady of Seez, built by St. Latuin.

7 - Our Lady of Paris. Miraculous preservation of a Marian image in 1550.
8 - Our Lady of the Miracles of Caacupé.

8 - Our Lady of Good Health Virgen de Salud Basilica. (Mexico)
8 - Immaculate Conception. (Instituted by Pope Sixtus IV in 1477)

8 - Queen of the Archdiocese of Lipa (Philippines)
8 - Our Lady of Caysasay (Church in Barrio Labac, Philippines)

9 - Our Lady of the Conception, Naples, Italy (1618)
10 - Transition of the Holy House of Loretto (Italy - 1291)

11 - Our Lady of Angels (Paris, France - 1212).
12 - Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas (Mexico - 1531).

13 - Our Lady of the Holy Chapel (Paris, France).

14 - Our Lady of Alba Royale (Hungary).
15 - Our Lady of the Armed Forces.

16 - Our Lady of Good or Happy Deliverance, brought from Madrid, Spain to St. Augustine, Florida.
17 - Our Lady of Amiens (France)

18 - Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
18 - Dedication of Our Lady of Marseilles by St. Lazarus

19 - Our Lady of Toledo (Spain)
20 - Our Lady of Molene (France)

21 - Our Lady of St. Acheul (Amiens, France)
22 - Our Lady of Chartres, Mother of Youth (France)

23 - Our Lady of Ardilliers (Anjou, France)
23 - The Espousals of the Virgin Mary.

24 - Chaste Nuptials of Our Lady and St. Joseph.
25 - The Birth of Jesus / CHRISTMAS. (Delivery of Mary).

26 - Our Lady of Acheropita (Rossano, Italy)
27 - Institution of the Knights of Our Lady.

28 - Our Lady of Pontoise (France)
29 - Our Lady of Spire (Germany)

30 - Our Lady of Bologna (Italy)
31 - Image of Our Lady of Chartres brings back to life the son of King Geoffry.

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