Monday, October 26, 2015

Last Weeks Prayers 10/19-25

©2015 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

10/25/15 SUNDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good afternoon my dear sisters and brothers. Sorry for my delay, just been busy. Today's Gospel is Mark 10:46-52 (The Blind Bartimaeus) Do we make sure nothing separates us from Jesus, even if we lose our sight or we have no place to call home? Even then we must trust in the struggle and the pain.

Dear Jesus, I believe in you with a love most sincere and loyal to you. I trust in you with all my heart, hoping to learn to accept and follow your will, even as the days ahead will get scary. I love you Lord. May my love for you with all my heart deepen; please protect my family in the months ahead. Only you know Lord what challenges await us. Thank you Jesus... AMEN.

10/24/15 SATURDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer 

Good morning everyone, it's the weekend. I pray that all of you have a very special joyous day with family and friends today. Today's Gospel is Luke 13:1-9 (A Call to Repentance / The Parable of The Barren Fig Tree) Do you hunger for the Lord's righteousness (moral goodness) and holiness?

Dear Jesus, please continue to increase my hunger for you so that I may grow in righteousness and holiness. My life has many challenges, but through it all it has never had a challenge when it comes to loving and trusting you. Even if we must bear a Cross so heavy and so enormous that we may lose everything Lord; know that I lovingly embrace it and accept it, no matter what the cost, or end result is... AMEN.

10/23/15 FRIDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning my dear precious sisters and brothers. I pray that you find peace today and all days. Today's Gospel is Luke 12:54-59 (Signs of The Times / Settlement with an Opponent) Are you ready to surrender all to him - and to receive all from him?

Dear Jesus, please flood my heart and mind with your love and free me from all that would keep me from doing your will; and transform my mind that I may discern what is right and pleasing to you. Please Lord show me and my family the mercy and love we desperately need right now. We trust in you Lord, yet we feel unheard. The road ahead is dark and we will be separated from everyone. Please Lord I am begging for your guidance... AMEN

10/22/15 THURSDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning my dear sisters and brothers, here we are faithfully praying together as we do every single day. Today's Gospel is Luke 12:49-53 (Jesus A Cause of Division) Do we listen to the voice of Jesus and trust in His word? Let us commit our ways to Him, obey His word and we will find true peace, joy, and happiness in the Lord our God.

Dear Jesus, may the fire of your love consume me and transform my life so that I may truly desire nothing more in this life, but to be with you. You Lord fill me with the power of your Holy Spirit so that I may always seek to please you and do your will each day. Nothing else in this life brings more joy to my life than you. Everything here Lord deems no value, except the Eucharist. I seek and desire only you Lord... AMEN.

10/21/15 WEDNESDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good Morning my dear sisters and brothers. Mid-week and still forging forward. Uniting each day with you in prayer is a special joy for me. Today's Gospel is Luke 12:39-48 (Vigilant and Fruitful Servant) What treasure does the Lord expect us to vigilantly guard in this present life? Interesting question indeed...

Dear Jesus, you have captured my heart and love for you, fully and completely. Please continue to make me strong in faith, steadfast in hope, and generous in love that I may seek to please you in all things. May I also always be watchful and ready to answer when you call upon me. You know Lord that I am always here to serve you, not even poverty can stop me... AMEN.

10/20/15 TUESDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Hello everyone. Today's Prayer Schedule is all in place. Today is St. John of The Cross. Today's Gospel is Luke 12:35-38 (Vigilant and Fruitful Servant) How can we serve as Jesus served and be faithful to the end of our lives? Do you listen for the voice of the Lord calling to you? We must be silent in His presence to hear His voice...

Dear Jesus, you loved me first and you surrendered your life to save me. Please fill me with a joyful heart and a generous spirit that is ready to serve and to do whatever you command. Sometimes I am concerned that I am doing exactly what it is you so desire of me Lord. Please always remain in my life so that through Holy Spirit I shall know the way to serve you best... AMEN.

10/19/15 MONDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good Monday morning my dear sisters and brothers. I pray that you had a fantastic weekend. Today's Gospel is Luke 12:13-21 (Sayings Against Greed / Parable of The Rich Fool) Treasure has a special connection to our hearts, it's the place of desire and longing, the place of will and focus. The thing we most set our heart on is our highest treasure. What do you treasure above all else in this world and in your life?

Dear Jesus, free my heart from all possessiveness. I only wish to desire you alone as the one true treasure worth possessing above all else in this world. Help me to make good use of the material blessings you give me; so that I may use them generously for your glory and for the benefit of others. I do not hold any possession so tightly that I wouldn't give it to someone else, thank you for blessing me that way Lord... AMEN.


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