Monday, October 5, 2015

Last Weeks Prayers 9/28 – 10/4

©2015 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

10/04/15 SUNDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning my dear sisters and brothers. Love and peace to all of you and your families. Today's Gospel is Mark 10:2-16 (Marriage & Divorce / Blessing of The Children) Do you show kindness to the youth you encounter in your neighborhood, home, and church and do you pray for them that they may grow in the knowledge and wisdom of Jesus Christ?

Dear Jesus, your call to holiness extends to all of us, no matter what state of life we are in. As married couples and as singles, sanctify us Lord - that we may live as men and women who are fully, completely and sincerely consecrated to you. Please Lord, Make us leaven in a society that does not support life-long marriage fidelity, chastity and living single for the Lord. Lead us Lord, show us where you want us to be in this life... AMEN.

10/03/15 SATURDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning my sisters and brothers, the weekend is here. The months ahead scares me/us. Survival will be beyond difficult. We are at God's Mercy. Today's Gospel is Luke 10:17-24 (Return of The Seventy Two) St. Augustine of Hippo wrote: "God loves each of us as if there were only one of us to love."

"Most High and glorious God, enlighten the darkness of our hearts and give us a true faith, a certain hope and a perfect love. Give us a sense of the divine and knowledge of yourself, so that we may do everything in fulfillment of your holy will; through Jesus Christ our Lord." (Prayer of Francis of Assisi, 1182-1226)

10/02/15 FRIDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning my dear sisters and brothers. It's finally Friday and I am amazed I am still here (online)... God's Will baffles me sometimes, it feels like this ministries time online is limited. Today's Gospel is Matthew 18:1-5, 10 (The Greatest in The Kingdom) Do you thank the Lord for his guidance and protection? even when you sometimes don't see or feel it?

Dear Jesus, you Lord are our refuge and our strength. May I always know your guiding hand and the help of your angels in protecting me from all that is evil. Please give me strength of will and courage to refuse what is evil and to choose only what is good. Difficult times now Lord, please send us help, a miracle, angels to help us through. In your Name... AMEN.

10/01/15 THURSDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning my dear wonderful sisters and brothers around the world. Today's Gospel is Luke 10:1-12 (The Mission of The Seventy-Two) Do you witness the truth and the joy of the Gospel by word and example to those around you? And are you living the Gospel in your life?

Dear Jesus, may the joy and truth of the Scriptures and most especially the Gospels transform my life; so that I may witness it to those around me. Lead my heart Lord to the depths of the Gospel so that my life can be a greater example of your will. Grant that I may spread your truth and merciful love wherever I go. No fear in my heart Lord... AMEN.

9/30/15 WEDNESDAY - Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning my dear sisters and brothers. I pray that find peace, hope and joy in the day ahead. Today's Gospel is Luke 9:57-62 (The Would Be Followers of Jesus)  Is there anything holding you back from pursuing the Lord and his will for you life? No? Then surrender your full allegiance to Him.

"Take, O Lord, and receive my entire liberty, my memory, my understanding, and my whole will. All that I am and all that I possess you have given me. I surrender it all to you to be disposed of according to your will.  Give me only your love and your grace - with these I will be rich enough and will desire nothing more." (Prayer of Ignatius Loyola, 1491-1556)

9/29/15 TUESDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Today my sisters and brothers I beg for your prayers for Chrissy. She is the one suffering the most supporting our family. Little by little this whole process of her being the provider (while ill) is killing her. We desperately need a SOLUTION, a MIRACLE... Today's Gospel is John 1:47-51 (The First Disciples) Do you see with the "eyes of faith" what the Lord Jesus has done for you?

Dear Jesus, you have opened the way to heaven for us. Please reveal yourself to me and Chrissy so that we may recognize your presence with us and know the power of your kingdom is at work in our lives. May we always find joy in your presence and never lose sight of your kingdom. We need a miracle so badly Lord. We need someone to rescue Chrissy from this constant suffering. Her work is slowly killing her... AMEN.

9/28/15 MONDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Refection/Prayer

A brand new week has begun. I pray that we all have so many miracles to share this week as we continue praying for one another. Today's Gospel Luke 9:46-50 (The Greatest in The Kingdom) God wants empty vessels so he can fill them with his love, fulfilling all our needs. Are you ready to humble yourself and to serve as Jesus did?

Dear Jesus, your grace knows no bounds. You give freely and lovingly to the humble of heart and you grant us the freedom to love and serve others selflessly. Putting others first, before me is what true Charity of loving others is all about. May my love for you express itself in my eagerness to do good for others. Our Lord you gave us each other, so that we always look out for one another. Thank you Jesus for always loving me... AMEN.


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