Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Cross - Holds Our Desires

Beads of Joy 06-03-10

The Cross - Holds Our Desires
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

The Cross 4/5
Hello Everyone,

The strength that you use to gain control over your own pride and selfishness is beginning to show. Sometimes, when saying you desire of the Cross makes it sound like you have a death wish? When in fact you have a life wish. The Lord knows what we can handle. We should always desire the weight of our cross only to increase, not decrease. Yes I didn't confuse that, I said it just as I intended it. The greater our Cross, the greater our treasure in Heaven. This has been a very demanding week for so many of us taking on the crosses in our lives. I personally am exhausted, but I will not retreat, maybe I'll take a nap; but surrendering is not an option. So far we have embraced the Cross, died for the Cross and lived for the Cross. Today our desire for the Cross only deepens our spiritual walk. We must seek the supernatural strength to draw ever so much closer to Jesus; and distance ourselves ever so much further from the emptiness of this world.

The pleasures and treasures of this world that we think we may desire will only disappoint us. It is when we seriously desire the Cross that we will never be disappointed. The Cross is God's gift to us, for it was through the Cross that Jesus defeated our sins. And it was by the Cross that death no longer can stop us from being united with Him. Loving Jesus only increases our love for the Cross. Think about it, the more we love He who has died upon the Cross; the more we will love the Cross that set us free. The greatest treasures are in Heaven. There is nothing here on this earth but the people and souls and the relationships with those people that should matter to us. And that really matters to us because, we so desire to unite with them in Heaven. Nothing else at all can be treasure like that here, that will go to Heaven. We will leave everything and everyone, except when we united with Jesus, and all those who also loves Jesus. And it's all because of the Cross.

Place all your trust fully in Jesus. Have no fear or hesitation with the desiring of the Cross. Don't allow insults or mockery to ever make you flinch or stop adoring Jesus. Find strength in the Cross, find a renewing of your mind and spirit in your trusting in Jesus fully. Hold strong against the criticisms of the world; and in the end those evil doers if they have not yet repented, will have to answer to Almighty God in person, all by themselves. If they don't believe now, they will certainly believe then. That is why through our love of the Cross, we will love everyone, good and bad, and we will pray that they to get saved. Your desire of the Cross will open your heart to a more kinder loving self, that you to, maybe shocked. Allow Jesus to work through you and in you, to help you; and to guide you by the Spirit to embrace His Cross and Your Cross and draw others to Him by the Cross. LOL, Ok I hope everyone kept up with me, cause I may need that explained to me. LOL. Ok, are you beginning to see the true Joy that can be found in the Cross?

Come with me, into my world of Joy. I really want you to experience Joy the way I do. I mean this. Look at this world in such a way that you fully and complete understand it is only temporary. This time here on earth is like this: How many grains of sand are on the earth? Come on that's an easy one. There are countless bazillions upon bazillions of grains of sand on the earth. So many that there is no possible way to even count them. Well when it comes to eternity and what we are doing here on earth; our life here on earth is only one grain of sand, that's it. See how much Joy you have when you really begin to understand, that where we are going, and where we will stay, will be for all eternity. A time period that has no ending. That is so exciting, I guess eternity is something that really comes to life in my mind and heart. I really understand it, and I get all charged up thinking about it; all we have to do is one grain of sand, and when we are done we will receive, countless bazillions of them. Don't be afraid to desire the Cross, it only has Joy in it for us to embrace.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO