Monday, June 21, 2010

Luminous - Daily Walk 1/5

Beads of Joy 06-21-10

The Luminous - Daily Walk 1/5
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Luminous Walk - 1/5
Hello Everyone,

Yet another fantastic week has begun, and a new journey is about to begin today. This week we will reflect on how the Luminous Mysteries are also part of our lives, and how we live them just as Jesus and His Blessed Mother, and Joseph did. Today we begin with the First Luminous Mystery - The Baptism of Jesus. So many of us are parents, but all of us have been children. Being a parent involves so much sacrifice, sacrifice that means your kids and your spouse must always come first. Our blessed Mother and Joseph, sacrificed all that they would have desired knowing that they must give all they had in raising Jesus. He was not only their Son; but He was God's Son. Mary and Joseph both knew that God had His hand in their lives and that they had to follow through with God's will. Think about parents who have special needs children, what an absolute blessing that is. Many people think that children are a lot of work and having only one or two children is more than enough. I even have some close friends at work who say they wouldn't ever want a child that has special medical attention their entire life. This baptism has me thinking so much about all of our responsibilities as parents.

Parents through their love for one another and God's will, give birth to children. The child did not chose life, but God gave them life by His will and their parents love for one another. Think of your own children or your nieces and nephews or even siblings or cousins. Basically just look around and see all the families in our world. Who cares for all these children? Who makes sure they are eating correctly? Who is concerned about their education? The parents of cause. We must trust God with our lives, our abilities and our choices in doing all we can to take care of the gift in our children that He has given us. We have been entrusted with their precious souls and we must do all we can to protect them and be there for them. This mystery has us focus on the immediate desire and need to take care of our children, no matter what the sacrifice. Over the past two to three years special needs children have been brought into the light by some political people. I refuse to make any blog to be about politics, but I think many of you know what I am talking about. How precious and how blessed are those who have the gift of raising such a wonderful child of God. We all receive what God knows we can handle, God has a purpose in all of all lives for all that happens to us.

Back twenty four years ago when Chrissy and I got married and we started a family we made a pack. We always said that no matter what, we will never ever abort or discard any of our children, period. We did lose our very first child due to a miscarriage, it devastated us, to this day I think about Cory. After that we have been blessed with five super wonderful kids. We didn't care what the tests showed throughout the pregnancy's, we didn't care if the doctors said we were going to have a special needs or medically challenged child. None of that mattered. We knew that if it was to be in God's will, we would be blessed in our lives to take care of that child God has given us. How can anyone think differently? What if you have a child born completely health and then as a teenager they are permanently paralyzed and need constant care for the rest of their lives. What do you do discard them for the inconvenience and the expenses? Good God, NO !!! So in every child's birth we to must be there for them no matter what. People this world we live in are very selfish. I have a dear friend who lives in Niagara Falls, he and his wife have a son who needs constant care and medical attention. They are forever bringing him to doctors and the hospital for treatments. Their son is 47 years old. They told me, he was born this way and the doctors told them during the pregnancy if they wished to terminate the baby to avoid all future costs and inconveniences they could help. They also said the child will suffer, so termination is a good idea. OMG !!!! Praise Jesus they did not do that. He told me he told the hospital they were offended by their suggestion to kill their child.

The world we live in can be cruel, especially to the needy or the suffering. We as believers must stand up for them and protect them. Sometimes we are the only ones their standing strong for them. My friends son is such a blessing to everyone. In the past my friend use to always say he hates how people use children like his son to exploit them. I don't ever have that intention, I only wish to share their love for their son, so that's why I am not mentioning their names out of respect. But on another note my dear friend Jack's son is in the same situation of medical and special needs with his son John who is older than me. And he and his wife Betty adore their son John. There are many many children in this world who have the most wonderful loving parents who don't care what it'll take to be their for their children no matter what is required. I beg of all of you out there reading my blog; if you know someone thinking about terminating a child because they have medical needs, and they don't want to be inconvenienced with expenses and everything; or they think the child will suffer to much. Ask them to consider letting God decide on the fate of the child, and do not abort their innocent baby out of selfishness. God's purpose and will in their lives can only happen if we let them. God will provide what they will need and many people will be there to help. We all have heard stories about children born with major medical needs who only lived a few days or weeks. But in meantime, the blessings and love and tears, all served a precious purpose. We don't have to understand it to accept it, we just have to be open and ready for what it is God wants us to do in serving Him.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO