Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Twittering Thoughts

Beads of Joy 06-19-10

My Twittering Thoughts
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to invite all of you into my twittering tweets world. Though I haven't be current with daily tweets recently. I have over 1020 tweets, many of which I'd like to share today. Sometimes I think of things, which are pretty much 100% spiritual and I like to share them. Today I assembled a bunch of them that you might enjoy. Please feel free to visit my twitter account anytime you'd like. All my social network sites are all about Jesus, Our Blessed Mother, The Holy Spirit, God. Like I said earlier, Welcome to my World.

"We must first get 100% out of ourselves, in order for us to get 100% into Jesus. Selfishness will always keep us from Him." J Dacey Jr SFO

"The Rosary is a group of tiny beads that have the power and influence of huge boulders. Once in motion, absolute results." J Dacey Jr SFO

"Spend time in the gospel each day, not only will it enrich your soul but little by little it will become who you are." J Dacey Jr SFO

"What is true contentment? Finding that place in this life as close to Jesus as you possibly can, and remaining there." J Dacey Jr SFO

"I desire no gains, nothing from this life, I only desire the chance to serve my Lord. My life is only to better serve Him." J Dacey Jr SFO

"If you had a sword pressed upon your throat and you were told to deny Jesus and you did. Your eternal death would be worse." J Dacey Jr SFO

"Our homes need to have the fragrance of Mary and the Wisdom of God throughout, lets welcome all to embrace Jesus with us." J Dacey Jr SFO

"Jesus asks us to love Him before everyone and everything else. We must have an unobstructed, attentive love for Him first." J Dacey Jr SFO

"Even those who hate God and place no trust in Him, will one day see that their claims are all false.God is alive and well." J Dacey Jr SFO

"Pray The Rosary each morning. Soon you will notice a certain anticipating joy each time you awake. Jesus fills your heart." J Dacey Jr SFO

"Pray The Rosary each afternoon. Soon you'll notice a certain deep joy in your heart with Gods love. Makes for a good day." J Dacey Jr SFO

"Pray The Rosary each evening. Soon you will notice an anticipation of spending time with Jesus before you go to sleep." Jim Dacey Jr SFO

I also have a huge selection of these tweets I call: "I DARE YOU TO BE LIKE JESUS." I hope some of these have been enlightening and fun to read. I made them all up. This is just an extension of my rosary ministry. Like I said earlier every single social network is all about Jesus.

I DARE YOU TO BE LIKE JESUS: Today in your heart you know theres someone who needs your forgiveness. Lovingly forgive them today. I DARE YOU

I DARE YOU TO BE LIKE JESUS: Study the word of God, spend time with Him everyday. Fill your heart and mind with His wisdom. I DARE YOU

I DARE YOU TO BE LIKE JESUS: Take a HUGE leap of faith, wear your cross outside your shirt for all to see. Be bold in your faith. I DARE YOU

I DARE YOU TO BE LIKE JESUS: Jesus always said, forgive one another. Today lets forgive ourselves for once, and trust in Jesus. I DARE YOU

Yet another selection of specific tweets focused on Godly fatherhood. This one I call "Dads For Jesus"

DADS FOR JESUS - "Its been a long summer, but a fun one. How about planning a walk with the kids. Enjoy nature together." Jim Dacey Jr SFO

DADS FOR JESUS - "Take a leap of faith Dads. Talk to your kids candidly, about how much you really love and trust Jesus." Jim Dacey Jr SFO

DADS FOR JESUS - "Dads our relationship with our kids will last their entire life. Spend as much time as you can with them." J Dacey Jr SFO

And the only other topical tweets on my twitter account were: "Pondering Thoughts" which were basically thought provoking questions to ponder.

Pondering Thought: “Do we treat others as they deserve, or do we treat them as the Jesus would; with grace, favor and mercy?" J Dacey Jr SFO

Pondering Thought: “Do we really know the power of Jesus Christ’s redeeming love and mercy for us? If so, do we cling to it?" J Dacey Jr SFO

Pondering Thought: “In our lives are we seeking the wisdom that comes from God and do we willingly obey His word?" J Dacey Jr SFO

All are invited to visit my twitter account. I intend to return to regular daily tweets soon. I hope today's change in plans from my usual Saturday Dedication Days was ok with everyone. Next week I might make a change in schedule and rotate Saturday's blog topics. We'll see. So much to share and so little time.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO