Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Daily Walk - Luminous 3/5

Beads of Joy 10-12-11

Our Daily Walk - Luminous 3/5
©2011 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Luminous Walk - 3/5

Hello Everyone,

A most joyful, special most incredible mystery for us to reflect upon. Today let us look upon the third Luminous Mystery - Proclaiming the Kingdom. Today the building of and the start of our Lord's Kingdom shall begin. God's Kingdom is built on love, mercy, compassion, and so many other wonderful attributes. It is absolutely incredible how God chooses individuals to represent Him, all are included, and all are chosen. God does not pick people because of their education or even their deep of faith. God chooses you long before you can or ever would choose Him. How many people do you know that surprise you by the depths of their faith? How many people do you know have so much courage and faith that they become spiritual heroes in your life? Our lives are surrounded by saints, and people who would give up their lives to save another. How is it that we don't always find it easy to locate these people? Too bad there wasn't like a directory or an easy way to do a simple goggle search. I believe God places people in our lives and on our path so that we can through them, find God and be even closer to Jesus.

This mystery will help inspire us to be that person in someone’s life. The person with the gentle spirit, the caring words, the mercy and gentleness we know and believe comes from God and works through them. There is no magic formula or some simple list of things to do to be that person. I believe the only way we can be that way; is by allowing God to work will in us and through us in our lives. If I say, don't eat something because it's bad for you, and yet I eat it all the time; is not the example of how someone lives their life more expressive to you than words? Isn't what I do, speaking far more loudly than the words I speak? Take a good hard look around you; there are many people in your lives, many who love Jesus with all their hearts, many who would die saving you. Trust the Holy Spirit that is within you to guide your spirit to those special people. I am very fortunate to have my life surrounded by so many very Godly people, so many people who sincerely love and adore my Lord. In fact many of you reading this are those people. It has been these past couple of decades in my life that have made my life so special by the example many of you live. It's been said, "Watch what people say and do, because you never know who is watching you." That statement couldn't be any truer.

So we are looking for heroes. LOL. I bet we are going to find out that such people really exist, and far more than we ever thought possible. As you begin your search I want you to consider some of the following people that may fit into this category. You realize such people aren't always Kings and Queens of nations, nor are they most likely anyone who is in the public eye at all. Rather such people live and work and shop side by side with us every day. Consider thinking about the single mom who lives next door, raising her two kids all on her own, holding down a job that can barely pay any bills. Yet in her unselfishness and in her devoted love for her children she forges forward never complaining or even seeking help. She is truly a hero for us to admire and gain hope from. And what about the young man suffering with cancer, he has been suffering for years, in and out of the hospital receiving treatments, he has no hair, but you thought it was a statement thing, when actually it was a chemo thing. This young man has dreams of marrying his high school sweetheart as he struggles, yet he never complains. He is a true hero indeed. These types of heroes are all around us.

God's asks all of us to follow Him. This Kingdom Jesus speaks of isn't made with mortar or brick. There are no stages, no bright lights, no "all the kings horses and all the kings men". Opps that's humpty dumpty, how did that get in there. Sorry. This Kingdom is God's Kingdom, the greatest Kingdom in all of the universe. The very place where all who follow Jesus shall be united. Today is a wonderful day, a joyous most spectacular day. Simply allow Jesus to be the most significant part of your life and have your life be fully consumed of only thinking about Him. I get goofy only because the amount of Joy and Love and excitement in my heart for Jesus is overflowing, literally endlessly overflowing. In the past I have described it like this: Get an empty 8 oz glass, and then get an endless pitcher of water and pour all that endless water into that 8 oz glass. What happens? For all eternity the cup will always be full and always overflowing. So matter how much water is given away, I never ever run out of water. Praise Jesus.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr. SFO

Today we pray the Glorious Mysteries

1. The Resurrection
2. The Ascension
3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit
4. The Assumption
5. The Coronation