Thursday, July 5, 2012

Journal Entry 7.5.12 - Annunciation

BEADS OF JOY 7-05-12 “Journal Entry - Annunciation”
©2012 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

Dear Lord,

Today I begin to look at each of the mysteries, in the order they occurred in Your life Lord, this will take me way more than twenty days; because there will be days I focus on other aspects of my faith and my love for You Lord. And what better way to begin this part of this fantastic journey, the only way to begin it, but with The Annunciation. Our Blessed Mother, Your Mother Lord had no clue of the depths of what was about to begin. Yet in her obedience, even with much uncertainty, and we read she was even troubled by what she has been asked; she still very bravely, trustingly said “Yes”. Oh my Lord, I am so happy, I am so thrilled that she did say yes. Her example of pure faith and trust has helped me so much through the years. Whatever plans Mary may have had in her simple life, she put it all aside to take a path; an unknown path, the very path God desired her to take. She no longer desired to seek her own interests, rather she trusted fully in Power of the Holy Spirit, and God’s plan and promise to her.

Looking at The Annunciation, I realize that all of us like Mary are faced with a decision; a really important decision, a decision that will change our life, a decision that will in many ways set forth a path of uncertainties; a decision that in the end will bring You Lord to us. Surrendering to You Lord has been my life’s greatest Joy; there is no question that I abandoned all my own selfish interests decades ago, and I am grateful that I did, all I want and desire is You Lord.

One thing is certain: I must continue to fully trust in You Lord. In our lives we will experience many times when we will have to make choices; choices that will either keep us focused on choosing You Lord, or draw us even further away from You. But with Mary The Annunciation (the choice) she made; there was only one time for her to make that choice, and she made the right choice. As I reflect upon this most incredible mystery my heart is literally filled with Joy, yes that was pun and truth. Thank you Lord for choosing Mary, in end and throughout all time; she has proved to be an excellent choice for us to learn by and to follow.

Mary my Mother, I pray that one day your fiat may become mine. I pray that in all I do Mother, I always make the choices that lead me to Jesus, that honor Him and show Him that He is always first in my life.

Your son,
Jimmy (The Rosary Man)