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United States of America

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“United States of America”
©2014 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,
No matter what you may think, no matter what you may believe; we are all entitled to have our own opinion. For me America is generous, caring and open armed and genuinely concerned about the safety of everyone around the world. I love this great country of mine. My family is of Italian descent, we settled here in 1875; coming from Salerno, Italy. My Great-Grandpa (Eugene Decio) came to America for the freedom and opportunities that America has. I'm sure glad he did.
America is a melting pot of immigrants. In America we have over 313 different Religions and Denominations. On top of that we have over 337 different languages spoken within our country.
We have our faults, but so does every other country in the entire world. We have our pride, but so does every other country in the entire world. We have the world’s greatest melting pot of all cultures, languages, religions, music and blended mix of foods that the world has ever seen. Here are all the states that make us great, in the order they became part of America. Each state has a link teaching you a whole lot about each of these incredible 50 states.
In Statehood Order:
Delaware: Statehood -December 7, 1787.

Pennsylvania: Statehood –December 12, 1787.

New Jersey: Statehood –December 18, 1787.

Georgia: Statehood –January 2, 1788.

Connecticut: Statehood –January 9, 1788.

Massachusetts: Statehood –February 6, 1788.

Maryland: Statehood –April 28, 1788.

South Carolina: Statehood –May 23, 1788.

New Hampshire: Statehood –June 21, 1788.

Virginia: Statehood –June 25, 1788.

New York: Statehood –July 26, 1788.

North Carolina: Statehood –November 21, 1789.

Rhode Island: Statehood –May 29, 1790.

Vermont: Statehood –March 4, 1791.

Kentucky: Statehood –June 1, 1792.

Tennessee: Statehood –June 1, 1796.

Ohio: Statehood –March 1, 1803.

Louisiana: Statehood –April 30, 1812.

Indiana: Statehood –December 11, 1816.

Mississippi: Statehood –December 10, 1817.

Illinois: Statehood –December 3, 1818.

Alabama: Statehood –December 14, 1819.

Maine: Statehood –March 15, 1820.

Missouri: Statehood –August 10, 1821.

Arkansas: Statehood –June 15, 1836.

Michigan: Statehood –January 26, 1837.

Florida: Statehood –March 3, 1845.

Texas: Statehood –December 29, 1845.

Iowa: Statehood –December 28, 1846.

Wisconsin: Statehood –May 29, 1848.

California: Statehood –September 9, 1850.

Minnesota: Statehood –May 11, 1858.

Oregon: Statehood –February 14, 1859.

Kansas: Statehood –January 29, 1861.

West Virginia: Statehood –June 20, 1863.

Nevada: Statehood –October 31, 1864.

Nebraska: Statehood –March 1, 1867.

Colorado: Statehood –August 1, 1876.

North Dakota: Statehood –November 2, 1889.

South Dakota: Statehood –November 2, 1889.

Montana: Statehood –November 8, 1889.

Washington: Statehood –November 11, 1889.

Idaho: Statehood –July 3, 1890.

Wyoming: Statehood –July 10, 1890.

Utah: Statehood –January 4, 1896.

Oklahoma: Statehood –November 16, 1907.

New Mexico: Statehood –January 6, 1912.

Arizona: Statehood –February 14, 1912.

Alaska: Statehood –January 3, 1959.

Hawaii: Statehood –August 21, 1959.

And here is a fun-fact sheet about our Capital:
Washington DC (District of Columbia)

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