Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 8 - Walking For Good Health

©2015 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

Hello My Friends,

I am going to share with you, a great joy I have each day now in my life. Each and every day I awake, I post the day’s prayers, take a hot shower and head out with Mr. McRuff for our morning walk. We’re not looking to break any records in time or distance; this is our time to exercise. He needs to lose some weight after all he is just a little Mixed Terrier and I to need to lose some weight after all I am just an old ill guy that don’t get around much anymore. LOL

We average about 2.4-2.6 miles a day, it usually taking us 45 minutes to an hour. I am the one who forces the multiple rest-stops that I need. Many know, but many don’t. Last August 2014 I had 2 mini-strokes, then starting in January 2015 my side effects began; by March I spent most of the month in the hospital. My left arm and leg are tingly numb constantly and weak. Plus there are a number of other side effects, foggy memory, headaches and dizzy spells and more; recently we learned that my blurred vision is from brain damage from the strokes... That is why I need multiple stops to be able to walk with Mr. McRuff. When I get home I am exhausted, but within a few hours I am ok and I feel more uplifted emotionally, the walking helps me stay upbeat and positive… So it does help me in ways medication can’t help me. I too am losing weight by the way.

Check out the many benefits of walking every day… In the past even during the time I had my strokes I was an avid daily walker. The benefits of simply walking are incredible…
ü Helps you lose and maintain a healthier weight.
ü Your heart gets stronger.
ü  Circulation improves, pumping blood up from your legs.
ü  Your risk for having Diabetes decreases.
ü  It reduces STRESS big time.
ü  Saves you money… It’s a no cost exercise. You can do it anywhere and at any time. No membership required.
ü  Beats back the risk of cancer, strokes and dementia.
ü  Helps you have a longer healthier life.
ü  Lowers you Blood Pressure…
ü  Helps lower you LDL Cholesterol.
ü  Walking ultimately is better than medicine when done regularly and you add a healthy diet and you drink lots of water…

Now see the pictures of Mr. Mc Ruff today… This was during our walk..

And this is him once we get home. Right by Chrissy’s (mommy’s) side in heaven sleeping… if Chrissy is sleeping and she sleeps most days all day; you will always find Mr. McRuff in this exact spot in this exact position…


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