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Mary's Way of The Cross 1 of 5

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Mary's Way of The Cross (1 of 5)
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Lent 2010 - Day 34
Hello Everyone,

Today we start a fun and interesting series reflecting on both Jesus and Mary called "Mary's Way of The Cross". After much prayer, which prayer will a part of this and a chat with my friend Bernadette Walker this is where all roads led to "Jesus", and by way of His cross with His mother with Him. The Stations of the Cross are a wonderful part of our Lenten walk. I have put together on my own, my own thoughts, reflections, feelings and interpretation of how our dear blessed Mother may have felt as she walked with Jesus to His horrible death. We shall feel what Mary may have felt, and pray to a God who loves us so much; that He allowed His only begotten Son was put to such a horrible death, on a cross. Each day we will reflect on three stations, all done in order, and on the last day we will have the final two stations. This walk will take all week, but at the end of the week, you will have a most fascinating reflection to use and expand upon. I prayed all week to the Holy Spirit to help lead me as I wrote this all out. I know I will even surprise myself by what will be written; but remember all credit goes to Jesus alone, I am but a servant, here only to serve. Please follow Jesus to the cross with us. He who is without sin has died for our sin. Let's begin with a prayer.

+ Sign of the Cross

Mary our Mother, you were there with Jesus as He began His way of the cross. The pain and humiliation must have crushed your heart. Your Son was treated so unfair, He was innocent of all charges. On the contrary, He had healed many and fed many and taught many. How could these same people who seen His kindness and love want to kill Him? Where do you find the strength my Mother to follow Him all the way to the cross? Please dear Mother, walk with me as I to follow your Son to the Cross. He has been condemned to pay the ultimate price for my sins; and my heart screams and yells and my eyes constantly almost uncontrollably cry. I am so sad Mother, I know how important it is that I need to follow your Son to the Cross. Please travel with me, so that by your intercession and my confession, I to maybe able to kneel at the foot of the cross with you. I am so undeserving of His forgiveness and love, there is no excuse for my selfishness. I should have tried harder in stopping my own sinfulness, why must He die for me? I am nothing, he is everything. Please let us begin this journey Mother.

1st Station - Jesus is Condemned to Death

Think about this: Jesus has already been scourged at the pillar and crowned with thorns even before He was brought before Pilate. There was no mercy for Him as He was beaten almost to death.

Mother Mary: How sad and distraught our Blessed Mother must have felt, here her Son was arrested in the middle of the night; beaten and pretty much almost killed by those who say they love God. The scribes and the Pharisees knew who Jesus was, but there selfishness lead them to kill the very man who came from the very God they supposedly worshiped. How much sorrow must have filled your heart Mary. I would image that you seen Jesus at the Pillar, holding on for dear life, as the guards continually, constantly beat your Son. The blood, His precious blood was everywhere. It was a literal blood bath. Many must have wondered how ever could anyone survive this alone. But we know you knew in your heart that you said yes to God and that you knew Jesus also had to say yes. Please allow me on my knees to help you clean up the blood with you. His blood has been shed for me, I do not deserve such love from anybody. Thank You Mary and Praise You Jesus.

-Our Father... -Hail Mary... -Glory Be...

2nd Station - Jesus Carries His Cross

Think about this: This cross was no little stump of wood, Jesus carried a heavy, over sized cross. He was being treated worse than the murderer Barabbas that they freed.

Mother Mary: Oh my dear mother, this journey only gets worse. You now see your Son holding a cross. A cross that was larger than Him, you saw all the blood they beat out of Him. You seen the look on His face when they presented Him before Pilate, the glances He gave you trying to reassure you. You felt your heart bleed with Him. The pain you must be enduring must be so overwhelming. Where do you get all this strength my dear Mother? How can I be like you as I cry and cry, seeing these people hurt and beat my Lord. I have never seen so much hatred and anger directed towards one man before in my entire life. Your Son loved everyone, He treated everyone equally, even those who didn't love Him. Please Mother Mary, show me how by your strength and love for Him that you to can carry this cross. I want to be with Him, I want to follow Him on this journey. I must admit my dear Mother I will cry, and I will suffer pain that I have never felt before witnessing such a brutal murder of such an innocent man.

-Our Father... -Hail Mary... -Glory Be...

3rd Station - Jesus Falls The First Time

Think about this: Jesus has already been scourged, a crown of thorns has been pressed upon His head, and a huge cross and been put on His shoulders to carry. Where did he find the strength? Jesus himself determined to continue fell while still holding on to the cross.

Mother Mary: How could you continue walking with your Son without collapsing in sorrow and pain seeing Him suffer so greatly? This is too much to bear, my heart is screaming at these people, why do they continually whip Him, can't they see He is in pain, can't they see all the blood? The anger and violence towards your Son is only getting worse, Jesus is now on the ground, one knee touching as he holds strong to the cross He must bear. Please Mother allow me to embrace you, and hold you as we both cry and scream to let Him go. I think I know how you must feel Mary, you don't think you can cry anymore, your hurt and pain are beyond tears, you are broken before Him. I feel that way right now, I have so much anger towards these heartless mean cruel people who are killing my Lord; yet in all that I have a desire to pray for them, to forgive them. I know that's not me thinking those thoughts, rather it is your Son who is my heart, helping me and you my mother to be like Him. Even when we fall under the anger and violence of a mean world.

-Our Father... -Hail Mary... -Glory Be...

This Weeks Challenge: Meditate on the Stations with our dear sweet Blessed Mother. Think of how she must have felt as a mother.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO