Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mary's Way of The Cross 2 of 5

Beads of Joy 03-23-10

Mary's Way of The Cross (2 of 5)
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Lent 2010 - Day 35
Hello Everyone,

Let us continue walking with our dear Blessed Mother as she walks with us, with her Son. My dear brothers and sisters, does not your heart ache for Him like mine does? Are you as sad and hurt as much as our dear Mother is? Can we even comprehend what must being going on inside her precious heart as she sees her Son being treated with such anger, hatred and violence? There are so many thoughts racing through my head as I try to take all this in. Tears, oh so many tears is all this has come to. Every step, every station, it's all about tears. Please Lord continue drawing us closer to you. We must repent for what evil we have brought upon You. You are enduring all of my sin, all of my selfishness, all of my stupid selfish ways. Please Lord, I can't help but cry for You. You are so undeserving of such pain. I deserve what You are receiving, I deserve the wrath of my sin, I deserve death Lord. Why have you given up everything for me? What have I done worthy of such love? Why Lord? Why?.... Because your Father loves me so much. I keep crying Lord hearing you say that. These tears are now tears of Joy. Let us continue.

4th Station - Jesus Meets His Mother

Think about this: The love that must have been shared in their union during such a time of such heart felt pain. Mary finally gets to be face to face with Jesus. Her eyes are swollen from all the tears, her heart is shred to pieces. Yet in all that she senses His strength and His will to do God's will. They both know He must continue.

Mother Mary: My dear precious Mother, however do you have such strength? I know I keep asking that, yet all I see is sorrow and blood everywhere. Your Son, my Lord, they are killing Him mother. These people only seek to destroy Him and end His time with us. Yet this meeting with Him, this moment you and He had the chance to lock eyes and hearts; it has given you such strength my dear mother. Your spirit seems more confident that we must continue, we must allow this to happen. But why mother, why can't I stop crying, I keep crying, my heart is so sad. My heart feels like it's being teared apart and there is nothing I can do about it. I am screaming to the top of my lungs inside, yelling at these men who still keep whipping my Lord, why don't they stop. When does all this pain end my dear mother, when? Please pray for me mother. I need the strength you have to continue. I know it is through His death that we are made whole before God. But why must we see and feel and know the pain and suffering He endured? Taking all this in is keeping my eyes focused on Him. That must be why my mother.

-Our Father... -Hail Mary... -Glory Be...

5th Station - Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross

Think about this: As the hours and the whipping continues on this journey the cross is getting heavy; all the blood, all the tears in His skin, His body had to be so weak at this point. The guards realize He needs help.

Mother Mary: How much pain He is enduring is now endured upon one of those following Him. Simon has been pulled unwillingly from the crowd. My heart screams now for him, what are they going to do to him, another innocent man. Then mother as you and I together realize, they are having him help Jesus bear the burden of the cross. Oh mother your Son's burden is being lifted by another. Jesus is still teaching us as He is suffering. We to must help one another whenever we can, when we see others suffering. The love that must have flowed from Simon's heart when he eventually realized that he was helping Jesus. He was like us, in the crowd following in disbelief of the brutality that was being brought upon such an innocent man. Oh my tears have slowed down, but I know in my heart that this is far from being over. But this small sigh of relief has rejuvenated my spirit to continue following my Lord with my mother together.

-Our Father... -Hail Mary... -Glory Be...

6th Station - Veronica Wipes The Face of Jesus

Think about this: A woman in the crowd sees Jesus covered in blood, she like us has seen Him fall and struggle with the huge cross. All she wanted to do is comfort Him, oh how I feel the same way.

Mother Mary: My dear mother your Son is loved by so many. We are not alone in this crowd, many here are like us, seeking to comfort and be by our Lord's side as we suffer together. Jesus knew that Veronica's heart was hurting, He knew all she wanted to do is comfort Him. Look mother, she is there wiping His face, making it easier for Jesus to see. Veronica is crying mother, but it looks like tears of Joy, I think a saw her smile. Mother maybe Veronica to senses that we must continue on this journey together. But wait mother those guards are grabbing Veronica and yelling at her. Oh mother I fear for her safety, I fear that her love for Him makes them angry. Please Lord, do not allow her to be harmed, she's only seeking you like we are. Oh thank God mother, those guards pushed her back into the crowd, oh thank you Lord. Why am I crying again? I can't completely stop crying, I know in my heart what is going on here, but I can't stop crying. I know mother, these are a mix of tears of sorrow and of Joy. I can't fully understand them yet, but I trust in the end, that my tears will be all of Joy for your Son, my Lord.

-Our Father... -Hail Mary... -Glory Be...

This Weeks Challenge: Meditate on the Stations with our dear sweet Blessed Mother. Think of how she must have felt as a mother.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO