Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mary's Way of The Cross 3 of 5

Beads of Joy 03-24-10

Mary's Way of The Cross (3 of 5)

©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Lent 2010 - Day 36
Hello Everyone,

Today we continue this most painful journey together with Jesus and His mother. These past few days have been long, but we are half way there. We have indeed come a long way, many tears have fallen and there is a glimmer of Joy in all this. But my heart senses many more tears will fall before all this is over. As I look down the road, I see that Calvary is still a long walk off, I know we have a long way to go, if not only in distance but in understanding. I continually pray for wisdom Lord, and I ask that your mother; the one person who was so connected to You, help me in my walk to You. She has a love for You that I desire to have. She has a conviction for You that I want to possess also in my heart. She just knows that we must continue to follow you, even though our hearts tell us to fight for you to have them release you, she knows that we must let this all happen so that You can save all of us. I trust in her trust in You.

7th Station - Jesus Falls The Second Time

Think about this: Jesus has fallen again, He is now down on both knees trying to keep the cross on His shoulder. The pain, the weight of the cross, His legs are struggling as he finds that renewed energy to continue.

Mother Mary: My dear sweet mother, your Son is truly suffering, His fall confirms that this is taking it's toll on His body, the suffering is getting worse. Mother look at His wounds this fall has teared open so many of them, He is bleeding even more. Oh mother my heart is in so much pain, I feel the tears again mother. Oh no, here they come, I can't stop crying every time I see my Lord suffering like this. What can I do? How can I stop this pain? The more He suffers for me, the more I suffer with Him. Mother why do those guards keep hitting Him, why are they yelling at Him. Oh mother please stay with me, I am trying to understand this with all my heart, but I keep falling back into my own human feelings. I know Jesus is dying for my sins, and that by His death we will be united with Him forever in eternity in Heaven. I....I.. I know that mother. But I can't stop crying for Him. He is an innocent man who is dying for me, an unworthy man. He does not deserve to be treated so cruelly. Please mother help me more fully understand.

-Our Father... -Hail Mary... -Glory Be...

8th Station - Jesus Meets The Women of Jerusalem

Think about this: As Jesus continues to be beaten and yelled at, a group of devout women who have been following Him, are crying for Him, they feel His pain. Yet in all His pain He continues.

Mother Mary: Mother who are all those women? Oh wait I think I recognize some of them. There's the woman who's daughter was raised from the dead, and the others I saw when Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish. Mother these woman have been with Jesus and us all along. They are crying so much mother, I thought my tears were endless, mother I am going to cry with them, I can't help it. The love they are sharing not only for Jesus, but before the crowd is moving all our hearts. I think these are tears of Joy mother. These women are here out of commitment to your Son. They are showing Him in a most sorrowful way that they to stand with Him. Oh no mother, those two guards are walking towards the women. I pray Lord, please protect them. Oh, thank you Lord, mother the guards are only breaking up the women and sending them back into the crowds. My heart has been moved greatly at this station my mother. No matter how long and how hard the road ahead seems, we are not alone. Your Son loves us so much, that he is willing to die for us to save us. Thank you Jesus for sharing these devout, faithful women with us, they have moved my spirit yet even closer to You.

-Our Father... -Hail Mary... -Glory Be...

9th Station - Jesus Falls The Third Time

Think about this: Jesus has fallen again under the weight of a cross that must feel like a thousand pounds by now. His torn up body is getting weaker. This fall that sends Him on His face reminds Him of all the tears that are in His skin. He starts bleeding heavy again.

Mother Mary: My mother why do these guards keep kicking Him when He falls down. Can't they see He is in pain? Oh no mother, Jesus is really bleeding so much more now, this fall is so taking it's toll on His frail beat up body. I pray that He is Ok and that He can somehow find the strength to stand again. Mother I want to run over to Him and embrace Him and tell Him everything will be Ok, I want to stop those soldiers from hitting Him. Why, why, why don't they stop hitting Him, do they think by hitting Him, He will continue. These soldiers have no sense of what it must be like to be beaten, and beaten and beaten almost to death and then forced to carry a cross over dirt and rocks for a long time. Oh how my heart aches for Him. I can't hold all this sorrow in anymore mother, I feel like I am going to scream to the top of my lungs and yell at those hurting Him when He is down. I know mother, I will stand strong with you, as we continue to follow Him. My heart is all teared up. My body feels drained, my eyes are swollen, my face is red. When is this going to end, when will we see Him again.

-Our Father... -Hail Mary... -Glory Be...

This Weeks Challenge: Meditate on the Stations with our dear sweet Blessed Mother. Think of how she must have felt as a mother.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO