Monday, August 10, 2015

Last Weeks Prayers 8/3-9

©2015 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

8/09/15 SUNDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Happy Sunday my blessed sisters and brothers. All things Jesus today.. ok every single day it is.
J Today's Gospel John 6:41-51 (Galileans upset with Jesus' teaching on "Bread of Life") Do you hunger for the "bread of life"? You should. J

Dear Jesus, you are the living bread that sustains me in this life. I shall always hunger for that bread which comes from heaven (YOU) and find in it the strength and nourishment I need to love and serve you with all my heart for all eternity. May I always live in the joy, peace, and unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit... AMEN.

8/08/15 SATURDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Welcome to the weekend my dear sisters and brothers. I pray that our Lord has blessed you through this past week. Today' Gospel is Matthew 17:14-20 (The Healing of a Boy with a Demon) When you have trials and disappointments how do you respond? With faith and trust in Jesus? It's not always easy...

Dear Jesus, please help my unbelief, my doubt, my temptations! I beg of you Lord to help me increase my faith and trust in your saving power. Please give me confidence and perseverance, most especially in my daily prayer life. And my greatest desire is to bring your healing love and truth to those I meet. Spreading your love and joy -is my joy Lord... AMEN.

8/07/15 FRIDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning my blessed sisters and brothers; another week has come to a close. But our prayers shall continue into a weekend of prayer. Today's Gospel is Matthew 16:24-28 (The Conditions of Discipleship) Are you seriously ready to lose everything for Jesus Christ in order to gain all with Jesus Christ? I am !!!

Dear Jesus, please receive all my freedom, all my understanding, and my entire will, everything that I have and everything that I possess. You have given them all to me; to you, O Lord, all that I am is yours, dispose of them from my life according to your will. Like I have said for decades, "You can all this world has to offer, its wealth, its lusts, its things; all I want and desire is Jesus."... AMEN.

8/06/15 THURSDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good Morning my dear precious sisters and brothers. Today's Gospel is Mark 9:2-10 (The Transfiguration of The Lord) AWESOME DAY !!! Do you seek our Lord's presence with faith and reverence? He is truly an awesome God.

Dear Jesus, please always keep me alert and awake to you and to your word, your action and your daily presence in my life. Let me see your glory in every direction I look. You are the most amazing Joy in my life. I seek you Lord every single day of my life, making my day complete and whole... AMEN.

8/05/15 WEDNESDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning everyone. My thoughts and prayers every single day are with you my dear sisters and brothers. Today's Gospel is Matthew 15:21-28 (The Canaanite Woman's Faith) No one who ever sought Jesus with earnest faith was ever refused. Do you seek the Lord Jesus with earnest faith?

Dear Jesus, your love and mercy for us knows no bounds. I shall always trust in you my Lord and pursue you with the same persistence as the Canaanite woman did. Please increase my faith and deliver me from the evil and harm and hatred in this world. I know at times there's no way to avoid it; but showering me in your love gives me the strength and wisdom to move forward... AMEN.

8/04/15 TUESDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

Good morning my dear precious sisters and brothers. May our day be filled with Hope, Peace and Joy –Trusting fully in Jesus. Today's Gospel is Matthew 14:22-36 (Jesus Walks on The Water) When calamities or trials threaten to overwhelm you, how do you respond? Is it with faith, hope and trust and focus on Jesus?

Dear Jesus, please continue to help me to trust you always and to never doubt your presence and power when you’re helping me. I do experience moments of doubt and weakness, during those moments may I cling to you as Peter did for strength. Please strengthen my faith Lord as I walk straight on the path you set before me, never ever veering to the left nor to the right. You are the center of my life Lord and you shall always be... AMEN.

8/03/15 MONDAY -Rosary Man Jim's Reflection/Prayer

A new week has begun my dear precious sisters and brothers. I am looking forward to an exciting week of Prayer. Today's pictorial focus is the "Hail Mary". Today's Gospel is Matthew 14:13-21 (The Feeding of the 5,000) Do you really trust fully in God's provision for you and do you share freely with others; especially those you know who hungry?

Dear Jesus, you always satisfy the deepest longing of our hearts and you always feed us. Please fill my heart with gratitude for your blessings and give me a most generous heart; that I may freely share all that I have with others what you have given to me. The poor seem to always reach out to others who are poor and hungry. You have blessed us Lord with an empathy of compassion that we must take care of each other. Thank you Jesus... AMEN.


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