Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Judgement

BEADS OF JOY 10-13-16
“The Judgement”
©2016 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,

Today’s Gospel: Luke 11:47-54 (The Judgement)
“Woe to you! for you build the tombs of the prophets whom your fathers killed. So you are witnesses and consent to the deeds of your fathers; for they killed them, and you build their tombs. Therefore, also the Wisdom of God said, `I will send them prophets and apostles, some of whom they will kill and persecute,' that the blood of all the prophets, shed from the foundation of the world, may be required of this generation, from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, who perished between the altar and the sanctuary. Yes, I tell you, it shall be required of this generation. Woe to you lawyers! for you have taken away the key of knowledge; you did not enter yourselves, and you hindered those who were entering." As he went away from there, the scribes and the Pharisees began to press him hard, and to provoke him to speak of many things, lying in wait for him, to catch at something he might say.”

Pride and envy was the absolute destruction of these Pharisees. Through their own destruction of the old and their own interpretation of what they wanted to say; they destroyed and distorted scripture to the point of making it almost pointless. Let me be clear, when I say that, I am referring to the fact that they shut off the signs and prophecy that would have led many to Heaven. The Old Testament revealed much prophecy about Jesus alone, that if only they would have shared it in the way it was written. The Pharisees missed the mark and focused completely on themselves.

It is only the humble at heart, the one who sincerely has a thirst for Jesus and shares Jesus with knowledge not taught by men but by the Holy Spirit that is pure. We must hunger His Word to point of never being satisfied. When we have finished one reading or study; we must desire and plan and prepare for the next. There should be butterflies in our stomach so excited, so thrilled at the thought of simply reading scripture, that they do summer salts over and over again, just thinking about opening our bible. I just look at my bible and I get a chill of excitement flow through my body; it’s just knowing that I possess the very WORD of GOD in my life that really excites me!

My sisters and brothers go and grab your Bible. Ok, you got it? Are you holding it tight? Hold it close to your heart with a warm embrace (yes hug your bible)! How does that feel? You just hugged God’s Word and gave His Word a good warm hug! Seriously think about what you are holding. Ok, you possess our entire faith, everything we love, everyone in scripture, all the saints read and loved the very same book, there are thousands of years of history that brought you to where you are today with your love for Jesus in that book. All because of your Bible, yes, your Bible. Your relationship with Jesus developed and was groomed by the Words from that book. Jesus’ very words are in that book. God’s very Words are in that book. Do you see what I mean? Embrace and love and hold that book closely and make that Bible the one book you always have with you, no matter where you go. I pray with all my heart, that your life becomes incredibly exciting now that you have a whole new way of looking at your Bible. See you all tomorrow.


Your brother in Christ Jesus 
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS


Today is Thursday: We pray the Luminous Mysteries:

The Luminous Mysteries

1. The Baptism of Jesus (Matt 3:13-17)
2. Wedding Feast of Cana (John 2:1-12)
3. Proclamation of the Kingdom of God (Mark 1:15)
4. The Transfiguration (Mark 9:2-13)
5. Institution of the Holy Eucharist (Matt 26:17-30)

Glory and Honor and Praise -Lord Jesus Christ!!