Sunday, January 24, 2010

Anger in America

Beads of Joy 01-24-10

Anger In America
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

As promised a very personal blog, one that I hope you maybe able to gain from for yourself. The anger I speak of personally I have shared with many people in person through the past year and a half. What I have found is that the anger I personally deal with in my heart; is also tainting the hearts of many Americans. What was really an eye opener was while in confession, confessing this very sin I had a conversation with Father; he said that this particular sin is one that is most commonly confessed right now, more so than ever before. That's not a good thing, but just knowing that, it's good to know that I am not alone.

My political rant started back in mid-2008, so this has been a very long ride. But this past week has been filled with much hope and a glimmer of light has appeared. Tuesday was the day that the tides have changed due to the elections in Massachusetts. I was excited when Virginia and New Jersey results made their political points, but this one in Massachusetts was the biggie, "Kennedy's seat", NO, it's the "People's Seat". How arrogant are these politicians, are they kidding us. I've never given up on us Americans getting our America back, but seeing so many in control only seeking to destroy what so many have died for, angers me. It's just that this very hard left Marxist agenda is destroying all we believe in. Our freedoms are the best in the entire world; I would rather die fighting to keep them, then to surrender to a bunch of bullies in Washington. See what I mean.

I think of all the generations that will follow us, my kids, your kids, the many grand kids who haven't even been born yet. We must do whatever we can to keep the cherished freedoms we have, so that they to can have them. I realize my anger runs away from me and it turns into rage at times. But I keep working on it, and I beg for forgiveness from our Lord. He knows my intention is never violent, rather it is peaceful anger at the fact that we could loose all of it. I often think of the anger our Lord had in the temple with the money changers. His anger was directed at keeping God's house holy, and not to turn it into a den of thieves. As I don't want to see our government turn our nations capital into a den of thieves, that not only steals the tax dollars from the tax payer to buy a vote; or use our tax dollars to kill babies. Abortion is another topic that infuriates me, and this administration embraces the murder of the innocent.

I see it very much that way. Our president and many of those following and writing out this crazy agenda; have no regard for the history of our country, and the bloodshed that has been poured out protecting it. So you now see how my passion for our American Freedom is a big deal to me in my life, and the lives of those generations to follow. It's not easy staying focused through all this, with staying away from anger. So many people feel just like I do. One thing I have concluded through all this for almost two years now is that; my personal prayer life and my relationship with our Blessed Mother has helped me a great deal with managing all my anger. I'm sure many can relate to this blog.

Never lose hope, we are Americans. We are determined to never lose our freedom.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO