Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blessed Are You - Holy Are You

Beads of Joy 01-03-10

Blessed Are You - Holy Are You
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

And so an angel arrived to a virgin named Mary. God knew her, God loved her, God chose her before she was born. God favored her, He was with her. The Most Holy Virgin heard these words from Gabriel. Mary's humility shinned as she could not understand why God could ever select her. Gabriel comforted her, knowing that indeed she was and is full of grace. What Mary has done for the world is magnificent. I can never understand why so many can't see the wonder and beauty of a Most Precious woman in Mary.

There's no research needed to write this blog. This is all about how much I love and adore our (my) blessed and Holy Mother. She first made herself known to me the same day I went to my first Catholic Charismatic Prayer Meeting. I gave my life to my Lord at my first ever Charismatic Mass, this is the next meeting, which was the following week. Her radiant beauty stared down at me from the shelf way above our gathering. I asked "Sonny" a most blessed man who adored our Lady. I said, "Hey why is our Blessed Mother's statue all the way up there?" He said, "Wow, you seen her up there, she does need to be closer to us." So me, the new guy to the group in 1983, pushed and promoted this magnetic draw I had to her and her most Blessed Rosary.

Now mind you this is 1983, technology and computers just aren't where they are today. Well back at that Charismatic gathering I wanted to be "The Rosary Man", I just didn't know it then. Now mind you there are only 15 mysteries, Pope John Paul II hadn't yet put the Luminous Mysteries in place yet. So I made a Rosary Sheet of sorts with all the prayers, and mysteries and some reflections I made on my own, then I went and made copies. At our next gathering (we met weekly, I mentioned that earlier). I put these sheets on every single chair. I no sooner did that and someone was right behind me picking them up. I was like, "What ???" I was told, "you can't do that"

So I guess I must have looked distraught and a bit befuddled as to why can't I do this. All I am doing is promoting the Rosary, our Lady, our Lord.. I don't get it. Well my new friend Sonny arrived at our gathering after all that, so I immediately greeted him and asked him, "Why would I be stopped?, I'm not looking to gain anything here, just trying to share the rosary with everyone." Well he went over and talked to a few people and the doors were open for me. he told me, "Promote and share the rosary all you want, here." See no matter who says stop sharing the rosary, inevitably through the power of prayer and our Lords will; the sharing and spreading the joy of the rosary continues. I pray that you to find in your heart an aching pounding love for her. She is most deserving of our adoration and love.

Mary you are most precious, I adore you and love you so much !!

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO