Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Parable of the Bicycle Rider

Beads of Joy 01-14-10
The Parable of the Bicycle Rider
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello My Friends,

Now let us look at this most incredible parable I have found. LOL. I know there is no such parable in the bible, but are we sure, I thought I saw St. Peter riding a bicycle in Galilee. Ok, you guys win, but I'll tell you one thing about the parables Jesus taught; He simply used stories talking about the things around Him and us to share spiritual truth. I was thinking about this, just this week while I was driving to Springfield, MA. A bicycle rider in many ways is just like a child of God taking their Christian journey. I know that might not make all that much sense, but don't worry you know I'll fully explain it. I got the gift to gab.. ok in my blogs...type.

Let us look at a bicycle rider for a moment. For the most part biking is an activity that involves your personal input pretty much most of the time. There was this bicycle rider and in order for this person to stay up and not fall they had to keep peddling for the most part. They took this trip and on this trip there were many downhill rolls, at which time the rider didn't need to peddle so much which made the ride easier; balance and awareness of ones surroundings was key at this time. On this trip they also had uphill climbs to make, the one thing different here was that these uphill climbs involved a lot of work and focus in order to make it to the top. After this long trip, the rider took the bicycle and parked it on their front deck. Since the bicycle was out of sight and out of mind, the bicyclist was no longer biking.

In our Christian walk we can look at the bicycle rider and learn from them. Some of the key elements of this parable is: in order to be a successful bicycle rider you must be balanced and aware of your surroundings. On the downhill rides when the ride is easy, there are two elements that help you; balance and staying focused on your surroundings to avoid a crash. On the uphill climbs when times get difficult and prayer is key to make it to the top, we need to stay focused, keep balanced and don't stop peddling, you will make it. The end of the parable is critical for us to understand, we can not take away our connection between us and Jesus. If we park our faith and go about our lives without Jesus, He will become out of sight and out of mind. Let us never allow that to happen.

Let us learn one thing here. Faith isn't a feeling, or a moment in time. It's not a meeting, or a gathering. Our faith must be a very active part of our everyday life. We must stay connected in our relationship with Jesus, we must pray everyday to have balance and focus to help keep us on track. We need to work at our faith, loving Jesus is a relationship. All relationships need our time, and commitment so they can grow. Another quick thought is that our faith isn't like reading a book, you can't just put a bookmark in it and continue where you left off whenever you feel like it. Like the bicycle rider we must always keep moving along with balance and focus. I hope this little ditty was helpful and interesting.

Stay focused on Jesus, never walk away from Him.

Your brother in Christ Jesus
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS