Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Has Society Changed Us?

Beads of Joy 01-19-10

Has Society Changed Us?

©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Stress, confusion, hurt and anger, so many people deal with this mix and more everyday. Society has changed and in that change, the dynamics of our lives have changed. But in all these changes, has this society changed us? In some ways I think that is so; for some for the better and for others for the worst. Some people are stressed out by politics, others by the politics of politics. There are also many entwined in the politics of relationships, family, work and just survival.

These "things" if we call them that, they alone can change us. Sometimes it makes us a harder person, other times we become more defensive and protective of our own feelings. The thing with this is that we don't have any control of these changes in our lives, at least for the most part. Sometimes we don't want to change them, other times as they are changing we feel powerless. In this life we have to understand that change and the unpredictability of it are all part of the mix. I know I have over used the word "change" in this so far. But the foundation of all of what we go through as a society and as individuals is centered on the changes we each experience.

What I am saying is that sometimes in this life we can be on a path that is obvious, predictable and then all of a sudden the road ends. With no warning at all, in fact the last sign we saw said 65 mph speed limit. So as the road ended so abruptly with that speed, the sudden stop, the outcome becomes obvious. I bet many can relate to this kind of life at times, we experience a sort of "hold on", "hang on", "don't let go" feeling. Some of you must be saying, "he writes like he's been there", and you'd be right. No one in this life is living so perfectly to a formula; and honestly in my own opinion through the thousands of people I know and share with on all levels through the years; if someone says they are, they're either lying to someone, or to themselves.

This blog I guess in its own way wants you to know it's OK for us to go through the storms of life; the turmoil of confusion and the changing of our own identity. It is through transformation that many things evolve and grow. And I guess in the complete vast picture of God's plan for each of us; sometimes there is purpose for the things we can't control. I'm not saying all bad or harmful things are good. But since we don't know the will of God in any great detail in our lives; sometimes we just need to trust in order to be able to forge forward. This is a different kind of blog for me, from time to time I will be sharing on other levels, sometimes deeply personal, other times like now where I skirt around the edge of deeply personal. It's been fun, hope you liked this.

Change brings transformation, and transformation brings change.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO