Friday, March 4, 2011

An Insightful Dream I Had

Beads of Joy 03-04-11

An Insightful Dream I Had
©2011 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Pre-story set-up: I woke up Tuesday before work to the ending of this dream. It felt very real, and it seemed to be very long. I was only an observer, and it didn't appear that anyone even knew I was there. The only person who's name was mentioned was Jesus, no one else at all was identified so specifically. The pearly gates were huge and had a white shinny pearl effect to them. Jesus came to speak to the man through those gates in a bright clouded silhouette. Our Lord's voice was very softly spoken, yet it magnified power. St Peter's voice was that of an old man; and the man who I was watching, who's face I never saw, was average soft spoken; and he sounded like a man between the ages ofmaybe 40-50 years old. The family I spoke of here was also simply a silhouette of 4 people. I can see 2 adults and 2 smaller kids, I never heard their voice or saw their faces. This dream was beyond incredible, it was an amazing experience. I have never had a dream like this ever before in my life. Here is what happened:

There was a certain man who had gone through his life, who somewhat of a good person. Towards the end of his life his selfishness inevitably was to be his undoing and just might affect his eternity. At the pearly gates, St Peter introduced this man to Jesus, Jesus explained to the man that he had made many bad choices throughout his life. But he also told the man, "Today is your lucky day, we normally don't do this for anyone at this point." Jesus said, and He further said, "I will allow you to re-live the past forty eight hours to make things right between you and me." And "poof" the man was back in his life forty eight hours earlier.

Now back in his life, he is sorta of a whole lot more kinda now, and he is even mentioning Jesus a lot more. The man was looking for something super extravagant to do to help someone, so that Jesus would see his kindness and allow him into Heaven. Well he failed horribly, but the last two hours he met a family, that looked poor and very sad. He thought to himself, "This family can use some help, maybe I'll say hi and talk to them." He met them, but his usual pride stepped in again and he stopped the conversation and walked away thinking, "These poor people are just lazy, their sorrow is because of their laziness." So this man pretty much dumped them, but in his worry about the forty eight hours being over; he ran away and ended up at some small corner store. Once their he bought a soda and a scratch off lottery ticket, and instantly he won ten million dollars, the man was so shocked and excited, that he had a massive heart attack and died right there in the store.

Ok, the man is back at the pearly gates again. Jesus asked, "Why didn't you help that family?, I sent them to you, so your kindness to them will help you there to save you here." The man got on his knees and begged Jesus, "Please let me try this again, I know how I will help them." Jesus said, "I will grant you that wish, I have told you a most precious secret about helping that family, and that is your mission." And, "Poof" the man was back again to that same spot from the last time two days ago. This time the man jumped in a cab and got to that corner store immediately, he bought a whole bunch of those tickets knowing one of them was the winner. And indeed one of them was, so he got the cab to rush him back to the corner where he met that family. In his rush, there were emergency vehicles blocking the road and sirens going off and lights flashing, traffic stopped everywhere. So the man got out and ran to the corner, only to find out that this family he was to help, was run down by an out of control speeding car. The man stood there exhausted from the run, and he had a heart attack and died right there. Once again back at the pearly gates. Jesus asked the man, "What are you doing? you didn't help that family, I helped guide you to them, what went wrong?" I can see that Jesus' concern wasn't mean, He looked heart broken that even though He laid everything out to help save this man; this man just couldn't get it right.

The man once again begged Jesus, "Please just one final time, I think I know what you want me to." Jesus said, "You know who the family is, I sent them to you, and you now know it is you who I sent to help them." The man said, "Yes". This man knew what he had to do. And "Poof" he was back again to that familiar place, this time the man didn't call a cab, instead he got into his own sports car and raced to the corner store. The man was so happy, he made it the corner store in record time, again he bought a whole bunch of tickets looking for the winning multi-million dollar one, and he got it. All I remember seeing was what I would call a prideful show-off stand. He then jumped back into his car and raced to the corner to find this family. This man thought, "I did it, now I can help that family, and then help myself to a whole bunch of things when I am done, this is awesome, I'm not going to die, all this money will give me a super life." Well things didn't go as planned. The man lost control of his car and he crashed onto the side walk into a crowd of people. He jumped out of the car to help the people he just hit, only to find out he just killed the very family he was racing to go help. The man was so shocked and so overwhelmed to what just happened, that he had a massive heart attack and died right there on the scene.

Back to the pearly gates again, Jesus said, "I am so sorry but your choices and intentions were not good, and so your selfishness has given you eternity it hell." The man went crazy, and then he spoke to Jesus saying, "My intentions were of the utmost good to help that family. I was going to help them pay their bills and even get them some food." Jesus looked at the man and said, "Did you know what this family needed? you never talked to them." The man said, "I was going to use that lottery ticket to help them, those are good intention." Jesus said, "Yes you were going to share the crumbs with them, and hoard the rest for yourself; but still, do you know what that family needed?" The man said, "They needed money, they were poor." Jesus said, "No actually all they needed was a ride, to be with their newborn infant who is in the hospital." Jesus further said, "If your intentions were good and were utmost selfless, you would have talked to them the first time and asked how you can help them, instead of allowing your judgment of them and your greed drive your charity."

What is the Moral of this Story/ Dream? (There are a few of them..)
Never put yourself before some one else, because by the time you realize you were suppose to help them, it could be too late and they won't even be anyway you can help them. You also learn that if you actually intend to help someone, with something you have, then just do it, stop taking "your share" out of what you are going to do or give to others. And finally, if you see someone who is need, at least talk to them, don't prejudge them, and treat them like they are below you. Your selfishness really shines when this happens, and you will receive judgement and you will have to answer to Jesus for all your choices and intentions. There are so many more interpretations from this, it can truly be looked at in a whole bunch of ways.

Please share your thoughts and reflections about this dream..

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO

Today we pray the Sorrowful Mysteries

1. Agony in the Garden
2. The Scourging at the Pillar
3. Crowing with Thorns
4. Carrying of the Cross
5. The Crucifixion of Jesus