Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rosary For Engaged Couples

BEADS OF JOY 06-14-17
“Rosary For Engaged Couples”
©2017 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,

Today’s Devotional:
Today, let us celebrate the joy and excitement and the love shared when a couple is engaged to be married. This is truly a special, wonderful, most blessed sacrament to be shared by a man and a woman. During this time of engagement, it is a time of preparation and overwhelming joy for them and their families. Just think, the sacrament of marriage awaits you and your lives will never ever be the same again.

As an engaged couple your life becomes a fresh new beginning of combining both of your lives as one. The planning! The dreaming! The excitement! Honestly, it all never really ends, even throughout your married life. There is a mutual sacrifice and devotion to another that is so beautiful. And keeping Christ in the center of your marriage will be the key component, that will keep your love for one another strong and everlasting. Begin now, during this time together to go to Mass together, to pray together, to Pray The Rosary together and be part of several ministries together. This is a great time to begin your spiritual journey together.

When there is chastity in the love of married persons, their marital life is authentic; husband and wife are true to themselves, they understand each other and develop the union between them. When the divine gift of sex is perverted, their intimacy is destroyed, and they can no longer look openly at each other.” ~St. Josemaría Escrivá

As a married couple your life becomes a sacramental extension of your church in your community and the church as a whole, throughout the world. By God’s grace as a couple you will be able to serve others beyond your families and show your community that through your love for Jesus and each other; that you have a loving and lasting marriage that is both desirable and possible.

In 2014 Pope Francis addressed Engaged Couples Preparing For Marriage with this letter in response to a couple of questions that they asked him:

Human love is a wonderful adventure. What I will tell you is: love each other, talk and listen to each other, get to know each other, respect each other, as though each of you is a treasure that belongs to the other. Don’t forget that God our Lord is with you, that he sees and hears you. Our Lord will bless your marriage, and will fill it with radiance and happiness. And it will be a love that will go all the way to Heaven.” ~St. Josemaría Escrivá

The Glorious Mysteries for Engaged Couple.

1. The Resurrection (Faith)

Our Dear Mother,
In this mystery, I think of you Mother and the joy and excitement and happiness you most certainly experienced on that day. For on this day your Son, our Lord was risen; He has defeated death and returned as He promised on the third day. Easter morning is one of the joyous, blessed times we celebrate our faith and our love for Jesus Christ. For on that day He is Risen.

I ask Lord,
As I begin this engagement, may I serve You and my spouse to be with a heart that is filled with the same joy and excitement of that blessed day of your resurrection. I ask You this Lord, so that through all the ripples and all the challenges I might always find the sparkles and the sunshine. My faith shall always remain strong and so shall my love for my spouse Lord. I look forward to the day we are unite our love before You on the altar. Amen.

2. The Ascension (Hope)

Our Dear Mother,
In this mystery, I think of you Mother and how the Hope and the real Joy of all that has been told to you, since the first day the angel Gabriel first spoke to you, all comes full circle now. In the Annunciation, the angel Gabriel came from Heaven, sent by God the Father to speak with you; and here in the Ascension, Jesus returns back to the Father in Heaven. God’s plan is always the most wonderful blessed plan.

I ask Lord,
As we continue to prepare our lives together for a marriage that has You at its center; may we always stay focused on Your Will not ours. We want to keep You Lord ever present in our lives knowing that even when we don’t know what to expect; Your Will shall prevail and Your Will shall be what is best for our marriage together forever in Your Sight Lord. We trust fully in You Jesus, we both love You.

3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit (Love)

Our Dear Mother,
In this mystery, I think of you Mother and how the Holy Spirit has brought down so much Love upon you. This mystery is more than a mystery for you, isn’t it? The angel Gabriel said to you, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be holy; he will be called Son of God.” My Mother, you have always known God the Father, you gave birth to God the Son and now God the Spirit fills your life; how perfect love is possible when God is at the center. Thank you, Mother for your example to follow.

I ask Lord,
As our families unite and our lives begin to bond; may You inspire those closest to You to find us, to come to us, to help guide us as a couple. Family or friend is all the same, we are all family in Your Sight Lord. You know who they are Lord, we embrace the wisdom of those who have gone before us. We want a long-lasting marriage that is fully centered around You and others who have done this before us could help us. We want to be together for the rest of our lives Lord. Direct us Lord and we shall hear the council of those who have true wisdom.

4. The Assumption of Our Lady (A Happy Death)

Our Dear Mother,
In this mystery, I think of you Mother how wonderfully blessed you have been, for all the sacrifices you have made. Straight to Heaven you went, to a place specifically made for you. For it was through you that Jesus Christ has come to all of us; for it through your yes to God; that we can all say yes to Jesus. You have shown us Mother how living a life fully trusting in God leads us to a happy death into His arms. Thank you, Mother.

I ask Lord,
As we get closer to the sacrament of marriage as we go through this period of engagement; help my fiancée and I, root our lives deep into loving You even more than we love each other. Show us, lead us, help us to always put our love for You first; we must understand that by loving You first, then each next, that our love for each other will be even stronger. You Lord, must be the center of our engagement and our marriage.

5. The Coronation of Mary (Mary’s intercession)

Our Dear Mother,
In this mystery, I think of you Mother and how much you have truly lead me; actually, how much you have always led all of us to Jesus. You most certainly deserve this crown in Heaven, for you are the Queen of Heaven. It is through you that Jesus came to save all of us, so that all of us can return with Him to the Father in Heaven. Mother, it is your faith, your trust, your yes and inevitably your intercession that will help us to continue to follow Jesus. I love you Mother with all my heart, you certainly are an example I wish to follow.

I ask Lord,

As our engagement moves forward and we continue to prepare for our wedding day before you Lord; please show us how we might keep Mary in that most joyous experience. We want her to be there, maybe through the Rosary, maybe through a prayer, whatever You see fit Lord; but we would love to have Mary at our wedding in a prominent way. I also ask Lord that the Rosary, her Rosary about Your life with her presence throughout, be a huge part of our lives together. We ask this in Your Name. Amen.


Your brother in Christ Jesus 
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS

Today is Wednesday: We pray the Glorious Mysteries:

The Glorious Mysteries

1. The Resurrection (Faith) –Mark 16:1-8
2. The Ascension (Hope) –Luke 24:50-53
3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit (Love) –Acts 2:1-4
4. The Assumption of Our Lady (A Happy Death) –Rev 12:1-6
5. The Coronation of Mary (Mary’s intercession) –Judith 15:9-10

Glory and Honor and Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ!